A monetization option for Ghost Blogs


We're happy to introduce our Ghost Integration, that will allow you to display, sell and manage sponsorship posts and ads on every Ghost blog.


Our Integration allows you to display an intravert ad space of your choice right in the middle of all your Ghost blog posts. Your readers will then be able to request a purchase to sponsor you and display an ad of their choice (and your liking?).

Integrating with Ghost

  1. To do so, first create an account with Intravert, put in your credentials, and get your payout set up.
  2. After doing so, create an ad space. You will see the standard integration snippet.
  3. On the second line, you should see a script tag. We only need that one. Copy it.
  4. Replace the .js extension with ghost.js instead. The URL to the script should now end with ghost.js
  5. Head over to your Ghost blog, and include this in the post code injection settings (we recommend doing so in the footer).

All set, you should now see an ad space appear!

We're not big fans of pay-per-click ads, especially if you're blogging in a certain niche. Allowing your own readers to purchase a space on your site allows you to become independent from these networks, and depending on your audience, can increase your earning by a multitude, compared to ad networks. Doesn't that sound good?

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