Best Investment Financial Affiliate Programs For Personal 2023

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In this guide, we’ll walk you through the financial affiliate programs with a track record for conversions so you can turn your platform, whether its a website or a blog, into an effective revenue stream.


Financial Affiliate programs are the bread and butter of the affiliate marketing industry, especially since many financial blogs and sites get their following from expertise and financial advice.

The success of financial sites depends solely on how well their audience responds to their content, and since their content requires no small degree of knowledge, they also offer the perfect opportunity to promote brands and products that cater to the needs of anyone looking to up their finance game. 


With the popularity of financial sites and blogs, it comes as no surprise that financial affiliate programs are among the most complex in the affiliate marketing industry.

Financial affiliate programs typically offer plenty of commissions and incentives for affiliate partners, and many of the top-performing ones offer extra value with tools and data-driven insights to help create effective content and drive conversions.

If you’re looking for the best financial affiliate programs available today, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the financial affiliate programs with a track record for conversions so you can turn your platform, whether its a website or a blog, into an effective revenue stream.

Top 7 Best Financial Affiliate Programs

Whether your platform’s all about the stock market or cryptocurrency, here are the best financial affiliate programs you can register for in 2021:

Personal Capital

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Image Source: Personal Capital
Commission Rate: $100 per signup (with minimum $100,000 of tracked assets)
Cookie Duration: 30 days

If you’re into finance and are based in the U.S., then there's absolutely no way you haven’t heard of Personal Capital. They’re one of the most popular and most actively promoted financial platforms operating in the U.S. today, and their affiliate program is incredibly lucrative if you have the right audience.

Personal Capital is not only a very lucrative brand to affiliate with, but it’s also incredibly easy to promote. Their tools are comprehensive and easy to use, so much so that they can benefit everyone from first-time investors to high-rollers who’ve made a career out of playing the stock market.

Personal Capital offers some of the highest-end software solutions in the financial tech industry, which include financial software, tracking tools, financial planning tools, and more.

Many of their tools are free for everyone, with paid offers aimed at big-time finance players who expect to track over $100,000 worth of assets on their platform. That’s also where affiliates come in: Personal Capital pays $100 for every user that signs up with your link, as soon as they hit $100,000 in tracked assets.

With the standard 30-day cookie window, there’s plenty of opportunity to convert, as long as your audience is into high-end finance and has the assets to back it up.


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Image Source: Robinhood
Commission Rate: $5 per lead, $20 per funded account
Cookie Duration: 30 days

If your platform is all about trading and the stock markets, then you have a wide selection of effective and highly-lucrative affiliate programs to choose from. Robinhood offers one such affiliate program, and emphasizes ease of use and accessibility for anyone looking to get into the fast-paced world of trading.

Robinhood pays a solid flat commission rate of $5 per lead - so you can earn a lot of money from signups alone - and $20 for every funded account, so if your audience actually gets interested enough in the platform to start using it for their trading activities, then you can earn more commission.

The cookie window with Robinhood’s affiliate program is an industry-standard 30 days, but you can continue earning those bonus commissions from your leads when they fund their accounts, even long after the cookie expires.


best financial affiliate prorgams
Image Source: Coinbase
Commission Rate: 50% of commissions on active trades for the first three months
Cookie Duration: N/A

Cryptocurrency is getting huge in the world of finance, and if you’re looking to get in on it, there are very few apps that are as versatile and as powerful as Coinbase. Whether you’re a novice to the financial world who heard about cryptocurrency and wanted to get into it, or a veteran investor who sees the potential of crypto, Coinbase has a comprehensive set of tools and features that caters to your needs.

Coinbase also offers one of the most lucrative affiliate programs around, and the earnings potential is quite literally limitless. Here’s how it works: when you promote Coinbase on your platform and one of your readers signs up, you earn 50% commission on any and all active trades - at least for the first three months. That means you earn half of whatever Coinbase makes on every single transaction for a full 90 days after they sign up.

All that said, getting into the Coinbase affiliate program isn’t easy - they’re very picky about who gets to promote them, and the acceptance rate is among the lowest in the industry. However, if you feel confident in your platform, the earning potential is definitely worth the try.


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Image Source: Binance
Commission Rate: Up to 50% commissions, Up to $72,000 in bonuses
Cookie Duration: 90 days

Binance is another popular crypto trading platform, and potentially one of the most lucrative for affiliates. With fast transactions, large commission rates, and very open affiliate selection process, Binance is a fast-growing platform where millions of people around the world debuted in the crypto game.

With up to 50% commissions on trades, and bonuses of up to $72,000 per month, depending on lead performance and volume, there’s plenty of revenue potential on Binance. Combine that with the 90-day cookie window and conversions are as good as gold.


top financial affiliate programs
Image Source: YNAB
Commission Rate: 1 free month per lead
Cookie Duration: N/A

YNAB (short for You Need A Budget) is a popular personal finance and budgeting app that lets users track and manage their assets, income, and expenses in an all-in-one tool. YNAB provides comprehensive features for managing your personal finances, and millions of people around the world use it to stay on top of their money.

Whether it's for setting a budget, managing debts, tracking income and expenses, or keeping a closer eye on your savings, YNAB is a handy tool that anyone can benefit from. If your platform caters to an audience that seeks financial advice and management tools, YNAB is even easier to recommend.

If you’re looking for a personal finance tool, then promoting YNAB as an affiliate partner is one of the best ways to use the service for free. Every time someone signs up with your link - even if they don’t buy the subscription at the end of their trial - you get a free month of their premium subscription.

Credit Sesame

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Image Source: Credit Sesame
Commission Rate: $3-6 per signup, plus incentives
Cookie Duration: 30 days

A good credit score is one of the most important things to have as a modern consumer, and Credit Sesame is one of the best ways to help you stay on top of your credit score to keep your opportunities open. With a free membership that comes with identity theft insurance (up to $50,000) Credit Sesame is easily one of the best credit management services that you can promote to just about any audience.

With a minimum commission of $3 per signup (with the potential to earn even more with volume and incentives) Credit Sesame’s affiliate program can be highly lucrative, especially when you consider that their membership is absolutely free and offers so much value to your audience. Plus, with their 30-day cookie window, conversion rates are extremely high.

Credit Karma

top financial affiliate programs
Image Source: Credit Karma
Commission Rate: $2 per signup
Cookie Duration: 30 days

One of a handful of new online services that help users manage their credit scores, Credit Karma offers a very lucrative financial affiliate program that lets partners make commissions without actually having to make a sale - after all, the Credit Karma product is available for free. Credit Karma also manages to stay ahead of the competition thanks to its comprehensive set of financial tools that helps users manage, track, and maintain their credit scores.

On the commission side of things, $2 for every sign up may seem small, but when you consider that Credit Karma is a free service - and your audience won’t even have to pay a cent so you can earn a commission - promoting it becomes a lot easier, and the revenue potential gets a lot more exciting.

Credit Karma pays you $2 every time a user signs up with your link, and with the 30-day cookie window, all you need to do is to show your audience what it does and how well it does it, and watch your revenue grow from promoting a free product.

Tips for Promoting Investment Products on Your Platform


When it comes to promoting financial products, there are a lot of factors to consider before you choose a financial affiliate program, and most of these factors revolve around your audience.

Financial products cater to a wide variety of needs, so the trick to succeeding as a financial affiliate is to offer the right products to the right audience, and back it up with plenty of information to get your audience confident enough to spend their money.

Personal finance apps are easier since you’re offering them management tools. Other financial products, like trading platforms and crypto wallets may not be as easy to promote, but if you equip your audience with the right knowledge, even more volatile financial products can be a substantial source of revenue for your platform.

Easy Tips to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog

Why some blogs take off and others don’t generate much traffic can seem completely random. In fact, the blogs that generate the most traffic often have several things in common, from content creation to social media sharing tactics. If you want to drive more traffic to your blog, create a strategic approach using certain strategies, like long-tail keywords and asking for shares, that have worked for other bloggers in the past.

Here are 6 easy tips to drive more traffic to your blog.

1. Know Your Audience

To come up with content and engage readers, you need to know who those readers are. Your blog needs a niche so you know where to focus your marketing efforts and how to find readers. Without a focus, you’ll end up creating a bunch of random content that doesn’t go together. Something may draw readers to your blog, but it won’t entice them to stay since they won’t see anything else that interests them.

In addition to nailing down your audience, you have to make sure you’re interested in your blog topic. Your posts will feel more authentic and you’ll have more motivation to write.

2. Use Good Design

If your blog has too many design elements or is hard to navigate, nobody is going to stick around long enough to read any posts, even if your posts are sensational. That’s especially true for your smartphone layout, which needs to be simplified and sleek to keep people on your site. More people are using smartphones with large, high-resolution screens, like the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge from T-Mobile, so make sure you add a few relevant pictures and videos to keep your readers engaged.

On a fast network like T-Mobile, loading videos and pictures won’t be a problem. Don’t overdo it, though; if your layout is too busy it can detract from your message, especially on a phone.

3. Research Your Topics

Picking the right topics (and having more of them for generating that extra content) is another part of getting people to share and read your posts. You want your content to be either entertaining or educational, so it’s important to know what people in your industry are writing about and what they want to read about.

Check out Quora and Buzzsumo to see what people are saying about your industry, and use that information to start generating ideas.

4. Create Good Titles

Why do posts go viral? Many times, it’s because the title is engaging. People click on interesting titles, and when they like the content, they share it. The type of titles that are popular right now promises something unexpected or interesting. When you create a new post, try out a few titles. Tweet about it and post it on your other social media with a different title to see if one gains more ground than the others.

5. Concentrate on Keywords

SEO is one of the most effective ways to get your blog pushed higher in Google search results. A lot of people just don’t understand how to do it right. What you need are long-tail keyword phrases (with three words or more) placed strategically through each post, and placed once in the title. Google some of the topics you want to write about, then see what phrases other people have searched at the bottom of the page. Check out the Google Keyword Planner to see which keywords are most likely to bring traffic to your blog.

6. Ask for Shares

Ask people to share or retweet your content! Social Bakers analyzed more than 350,000 tweets to discover whether asking for retweets (RTs) boosted the number of RTs a post got.

They discovered that it’s definitely effective: asking for an RT got an average of 73 retweets, whereas asking for nothing got an average of two.

Another way to entice people to share your content is to offer incentives: throw contests and giveaways where the price of entry is sharing your post or retweeting a tweet.


While you’re making an effort to drive traffic, remember: you started a blog because you were passionate about a topic. Don’t lose sight of that. Use these techniques to hone that subject so readers can find it more easily, but don’t let the methods replace your passion.