How to Clear Cache on Instagram?


We'll show you how to clear cache on Instagram for various devices, from Android and iOS to Windows and Mac, in simple, straightforward steps.


Instagram is not just a social space to connect with friends, share photos, and follow trends. It's an app many of us use daily. But have you ever noticed it slowing down your phone or taking up a lot of storage? 

That's likely due to something called cache. Cache is a way for Instagram to save things like images or user profiles so the next time you use the app; it doesn't need to load everything from scratch. This makes the app faster and uses less data. But the downside is that over time, all this saved info can clog up your device and slow things down.

That's where clearing your Instagram cache comes in handy. It's like spring cleaning for your app. By regularly clearing your cache, you can give your device a breath of fresh air, making Instagram run smoother and faster. 

Plus, you also get to free up storage space on your device. And as a bonus, it can even help keep your search history private. So, if your Instagram feels sluggish or you want some extra space on your device, stick around. We'll show you how to clear cache on Instagram for various devices, from Android and iOS to Windows and Mac, in simple, straightforward steps.

What is Cache on Instagram?

Imagine you have a favorite coffee shop you visit every morning. To save time, the barista starts remembering your order. This way, you get your coffee fast, without repeating yourself each day. That's pretty much how the cache on Instagram works. 

It's like the app's memory of what you usually look at — from the profiles you frequently check out to the search terms you type. This memory helps Instagram load things quickly so you can start scrolling right away without waiting.

When you use Instagram, it saves pieces of information like the pictures you've liked, the friends you've viewed most, and the hashtags you've searched. This isn't just about your activities; it includes video thumbnails and the posts you scroll past, too. All this info is stored so that the next time you're on the app, it pops up much faster. But while cache speeds things up, it also has a downside. 

The more you browse and use the app, the more data gets stored. And just like a closet can get crammed with too many things, your phone's storage space can get filled up with cache. Ultimately, that can make both Instagram and your device feel sluggish, like a barista overwhelmed by remembering too many orders. That’s why sometimes, it's good to clear out that cache - it gives Instagram and your device the chance to start fresh, for a smoother, quicker experience.

Benefits of Clearing Instagram Cache

Clearing Instagram's cache is a bit like decluttering your phone's digital workspace, and it comes with some handy advantages.

Speeding Up

First off, it can really perk up your app's performance. With a cleared cache, Instagram doesn't get bogged down by a mountain of old data, so it can run faster and load things up more snappily for you. It's like giving your app a pep talk to pick up the pace, ensuring your scrolling and browsing feel as smooth as when you first installed it.

Freeing Up Space

Next, it's a great way to get back storage space on your device. Just like cleaning out a packed closet, purging the cache removes all the saved-up data that you might not need anymore, making room for new memories and apps. It's an instant space saver, giving your device a much-needed breather and more room to store the stuff that truly matters.

Keeping Things Private

And finally, regularly clearing your cache can help maintain your privacy. Your search history on Instagram – including all the profiles and hashtags you've explored – gets wiped clean. It's like erasing your tracks in the sand, keeping your browsing habits away from prying eyes and ensuring that your digital footprint doesn't reveal more than you're comfortable with sharing.

How to Clear Instagram Cache on Android Devices

Clearing the cache for Instagram on your Android device is a simple process that can make the app run smoother and faster. Just follow these easy steps to get started:

Access Settings

How to Clear Cache on Instagram - Settings

Begin by unlocking your Android device and opening the Settings app. This is usually found on your home screen or in the app drawer. The icon looks like a gear or a set of sliders.

Navigate to App Management

How to Clear Cache on Instagram - App Management

Once in Settings, scroll down until you see "App Management" or "Apps & Notifications," and tap on it. This section may be named slightly differently depending on your device and the version of Android it's running, but it's where you can manage all the applications installed on your phone.

Select Instagram

How to Clear Cache on Instagram - App List

How to Clear Cache on Instagram - Instagram App

In the App Management menu, you'll see an App List then click on that then you will see a list of all the applications installed on your device. Scroll through until you find Instagram. Once you see it, tap on it to open the app's specific settings.

Find the Storage Option

How to Clear Cache on Instagram - Storage Usage

After selecting Instagram, look for an option that says "Storage Usage." On some devices, you might need to tap on "Storage & Cache" to get to the right spot. This will bring you to a new screen showing details about how much storage space Instagram is using.

Execute the Clear Cache Action

How to Clear Cache on Instagram - Clear Cache

Inside the Storage section, you'll see two buttons: "Clear Storage" (or "Clear Data") and "Clear Cache." Tap on "Clear Cache." This action won't delete your account or your posts; it simply clears the temporary files that Instagram has stored on your device.

And that’s it! You've just cleared the cache for Instagram on your Android device. It's a good idea to do this periodically to keep the app running efficiently. Remember, clearing the cache does not log you out of the app or affect your account in any way; it simply helps the app to run better by removing old, unnecessary data.

Method for iOS Users to Refresh Instagram Memory

For iOS users, managing Instagram cache to enhance app performance involves a slightly different approach compared to Android, mainly because iOS doesn't allow for direct cache clearance from the settings. However, there's a straightforward in-app method to clear your search history, and an alternative method that effectively clears the cache.

Steps to Clear Search History on Instagram for iOS:

  1. Opening Instagram: Start by tapping on the Instagram icon on your iOS device to open the app.
  2. Accessing Profile and Settings: Once the app is open, navigate to your profile by tapping the profile icon at the bottom right. Then, tap on the three horizontal lines (menu icon) at the top right corner to open up the menu options. Choose 'Settings' which is usually at the bottom of this menu.
  3. Delving into Security and Search History: In the Settings menu, scroll to find 'Security' and select it. Look for an option titled 'Search History' or 'Clear Search History’; it might also be under 'Data and History.'
  4. The Final Tap on Clear All: Here, you’ll find a list of your recent searches. There should be a clear option, typically 'Clear All', at the corner of the screen. Tap this to remove your search traces.

Alternative Method: Reinstalling Instagram to Purge Cache:

An alternative, more encompassing way to clear the Instagram cache on iOS is to delete and reinstall the app. Here's how:

  1. Uninstall Instagram: Press and hold the Instagram app icon on your home screen until it jiggles, and then tap on the 'X' that appears. Confirm that you want to delete the app.
  2. Reinstall Instagram: Once the app is uninstalled, go to the App Store, search for Instagram, and download it again.

Reinstalling Instagram not only clears the cache but also ensures you're using the latest version of the app. Keep in mind, though, that deleting Instagram will log you out, so make sure you remember your login details!

Clearing Cache on Windows PC and Mac for Instagram

When using Instagram on a Windows PC or Mac through an emulator or the Instagram desktop app, you may want to clear the cache to improve performance. Here's how you can do just that:

On Windows:

  1. Search for Instagram: Select the start button (the Windows icon at the lower-left corner of your screen) and type 'Instagram' into the search box. Right-click on the Instagram app from the list and choose 'App settings'.
  2. Reset the App: Within the settings menu, scroll down to find the 'Reset' button. Click on it to reset the app and clear all the data. Remember, this will sign you out and revert the app to its original settings.

On Mac:

The Instagram app isn't officially available on macOS, hence if you're using an emulator, clearing the cache happens within the emulator's settings. Let's consider clearing cache on macOS for one of the common emulators - BlueStacks:

  1. Open Settings on BlueStacks: Click on the 'menu' icon located at the bottom right of the BlueStacks interface, then click on 'Settings.'
  2. Navigate to Storage Settings: Among the different options given on the left side of the window, click on 'Storage.'
  3. Clear Cache: Here you will see the buttons to 'Clear Cache' as well as 'Clear Data.' Click on 'Clear Cache' to clear the cache memory.

Alternative Method - Clearing Instagram's Search History:

Since Instagram doesn't provide an option to clear cache within the app, one alternate way to refresh Instagram memory is by clearing search history within the app.

  • Open Instagram and Go to Profile: Launch the Instagram app on your device, and tap your profile icon at the bottom right corner.

How to Clear Cache on Instagram - Instagram

How to Clear Cache on Instagram - Profile

  • Go to Your Activity: Tap the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines) in the top right corner, then select 'Your Activity' from the drop-down list. 

How to Clear Cache on Instagram - Hamburger Line

How to Clear Cache on Instagram - Your Activity

  • Clear Search History: In the Your Activity section, tap 'Recent Searches' , and then tap the 'Clear All' button.

How to Clear Cache on Instagram - Recent Searches

How to Clear Cache on Instagram - Clear All

Keep in mind clearing search history in Instagram on one device syncs it across all the devices logged into the same account.


Just like how a regular house cleaning keeps your living space tidy and pleasant, clearing the Instagram cache plays an essential part in keeping your Instagram experience smooth and enjoyable. It helps improve app performance, frees up valuable storage space on your device, and helps maintain your privacy by wiping your search history.

Having personally followed these methods on different devices - Android, iOS, Windows PC, and Mac, I can vouch for their effectiveness in not only enhancing the app's performance but also creating a more streamlined user experience. Cleaning up the Instagram cache has significantly sped up the loading times in my use and allowed me to enjoy my scrolling and exploring without hiccups.

I encourage you to try out these methods and see how they impact your Instagram experience. Please feel free to share your experiences, ask questions, or discuss any issues you may encounter. I am here to support you throughout this process and would love to hear your feedback.

Also, let's take one step further in building this community. If you're comfortable, share your Instagram handles so we could all connect, discover, and grow together on Instagram. It's always fascinating to see the range of creativity, diversity, and stories that we can share and celebrate on this platform!

Happy Instagramming, everyone!