How to Delete a Reddit Account Permanently?


This comprehensive guide will step you through the process of deleting your Reddit account, making sure you understand how to do it efficiently and securely.


In the expansive universe of social media platforms, Reddit holds a special place. Its forums cover a virtually unlimited range of topics, making it an asset for anyone wanting to engage in rich and varied discussions. However, there may come a time when you feel the need to distance yourself from this platform, be it due to privacy concerns or the simple desire for online decluttering. Perhaps you've been wondering, "How can I delete my Reddit account permanently?"


Look no further than this post! This comprehensive guide will step you through the process of deleting your Reddit account, making sure you understand how to do it efficiently and securely. Ready to reclaim your online autonomy? Let's get started.

Considerations Before Deleting Your Reddit Account

Before you proceed with deleting your Reddit account, it's essential to understand the impact that this action will have on your content and data, as well as to know the difference between deleting and deactivating your account. In this section, we'll also discuss some potential alternatives to permanently deleting your Reddit account.

Content and Data That Will Be Lost After Deleting Your Account

Once you delete your Reddit account, you'll permanently lose access to the following:

  1. Username: You won't be able to use your existing username to create another account.
  2. Posts: Your posts will remain on Reddit, but the author will be displayed as "[deleted]", and you won't be able to delete or edit your posts in the future.
  3. Comments: Similar to posts, your comments will still be visible, but they will also be attributed to "[deleted]".
  4. Karma: Both your link and comment karma will be lost.
  5. Messages: All your direct messages and comment replies will remain, but you won't have access to them.

Difference Between Deleting and Deactivating Your Account

When you delete your Reddit account, the action is permanent and irreversible. You'll lose access to your account, content, and associated data.

On the other hand, deactivating your account means merely being inactive on Reddit, without taking any formal steps. You can always come back and start using your account again. Deactivation doesn't involve removing any content, username, or personal data and can be easily reverted.

Potential Alternatives to Permanently Deleting Your Reddit Account

If you're unsure about completely deleting your Reddit account, consider these alternatives:

  1. Take a break: Give yourself some time away from Reddit without deleting your account. You can always return later if you choose to.
  2. Unsubscribe from subreddits: If specific content or subreddits are causing negative emotions, consider unsubscribing or blocking those subreddits without leaving the platform completely.
  3. Clear your post and comment history: Manually delete individual posts, comments or use third-party tools to erase your history without deleting your account.
  4. Make your account anonymous: Remove all your personal information from your account settings to maintain privacy while keeping your account active.

Before making any decision, carefully weigh the consequences of permanently deleting your account versus exploring other alternatives that can provide you with the changes you desire on the platform.

How to Permanently Delete Your Reddit Account

Embarking on the journey of deleting your Reddit account may seem intimidating. After all, within that profile lie countless comments, upvotes, and perhaps even precious saved threads. Fear not. 


This simplified, step-by-step guide is designed to help you navigate through this process with ease. Follow along, and you'll have your Reddit account permanently deleted before you know it. Prepare to take this big step towards managing and protecting your online presence.

Steps to Delete Your Reddit Account

  • First, log in to your Reddit account using your username and password.


How to Delete a Reddit Account Permanently - Login into your Account


  • Once logged in, click on your profile icon in the top right corner of the screen.


How to Delete a Reddit Account Permanently - Go to Profile


  • From the dropdown menu, select the "User Settings" option.


How to Delete a Reddit Account Permanently - Click User Settings


  • In the user settings, click on the "Account" tab on the left-hand side.

How to Delete a Reddit Account Permanently - Go to Account


  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page where you will find the "Delete Account" option.


How to Delete a Reddit Account Permanently - Scroll Down to Find Delete Account


  • Click on the "Delete Account" option and follow the instructions provided to confirm the deletion of your account. You will be asked to login with your password.


How to Delete a Reddit Account Permanently - Login and Put the Password to Delete Account


How to Delete a Reddit Account Permanently - Click Delete


  • Reddit will ask you to confirm your decision to delete your account. 


How to Delete a Reddit Account Permanently - Confirm Delete


  • Once confirmed, your account will be deleted, and all your posts, comments, and other content will be removed from public view.

Securing Your Reddit Account Deletion

When you intend to delete your Reddit account, consider these steps for securing your account deletion, ensuring your privacy, and reducing the chances of any unforeseen issues:

Changing Your Password and Username

Before initiating the deletion process, it's advisable to change your account's password. This adds an extra layer of security, specifically if you have ever shared your password with anyone. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Go to 'User Settings'
  3. Choose 'Change password,' enter your current password and the new one then click 'Save'

While you can't change your Reddit username without creating a new account, considering using a new email address could improve digital security.

Ensuring Content Removal

Deleting your Reddit doesn't automatically remove all your posts and comments. If you have any content you'd like to remove from Reddit, you need to plan to do so before deleting your account. You have to manually delete each post and comment individually by navigating to them and opting for the 'Delete' option.

Preventing Account Reactivation

Remember, once you've deleted your account, it cannot be reactivated. All your data and history will be wiped clean, and you won't be able to use the same username for another account later on. Hence, to remove the temptation of reactivation, make sure you've made a firm decision to delete.

Handling Connected Accounts

If you've linked any other accounts (like your email or social media) to your Reddit account, make sure to unlink or disconnect them. You can do this in your account settings under the 'Account' tab and remove the linked accounts.

Managing Privacy and Security

Lastly, remember to manage your privacy and uphold your online security by removing any personal data you might have shared on Reddit. Also, if you feel like your personal data was shared without permission, you can report it to Reddit's moderators.

Performing these actions provides an extra level of security and privacy which is paramount when dealing with your digital footprints.

FAQs About Deleting a Reddit Account

Many Reddit users have concerns and questions about the account deletion process. Here, we'll address common questions related to deleting your Reddit account.

What Happens to My Posts and Comments After Deletion?

When you delete your Reddit account, your posts and comments remain on the platform. However, their author is displayed as "[deleted]." Keep in mind that you won't be able to edit or delete your posts once your account is gone.

What is the Impact on Subreddit Memberships?

Deleting your account will remove you from all subreddits you've joined. Your membership will be eliminated, and you'll no longer receive updates or notifications from those subreddits. If you're a moderator, consider finding a replacement before deleting your account.

How to Cancel Reddit Premium Subscription Before Deletion?

To cancel your Reddit Premium subscription, follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Scroll down and find the "Manage subscription" option
  3. Click "Cancel Subscription"
  4. Confirm your cancellation

Make sure to cancel your subscription before deleting your account to avoid any billing-related issues.

Why Am I Encountering Deletion Errors?

If you face any problems while trying to delete your Reddit account, consider the following:

  1. Verify your password: Ensure you're entering the correct password when prompted during the deletion process.
  2. Clear cache and cookies: Browser issues might cause errors. Try clearing your browser's cache and cookies, then attempt the process again.
  3. Use another browser: Using a different browser might resolve the issue, especially if it's browser-specific.
  4. Contact Reddit support: If none of these solutions work, reach out to Reddit support for further assistance.

Can I Reactivate a Deleted Reddit Account?

No, once you've deleted your Reddit account, it's permanent, and you won't be able to reactivate it. The process eliminates your account data and history, and you can't use the same username again when creating a new account.

Make sure you've considered all alternatives and weighed the consequences before deciding to delete your Reddit account permanently.


Deleting a Reddit account is a significant move that requires careful thought and consideration. It's not just about clicking a few buttons—it's about understanding the immediate and long-term implications of this action. Your posts, comments, and Reddit history will all be part of the platform, but disconnected from you forever.


This guide has walked you through the entire process, from understanding what gets lost after account deletion to considering alternatives to account deletion, ensuring the security of your account, and finally, the step-by-step deletion process. Remember, consulting Reddit's official help center or reaching out to their support can also be a good idea if you're stuck anywhere.


Lastly, if you decide to create a new Reddit account in the future, remember to use the platform responsibly and consider your privacy and internet safety first. After all, our online presence is an extension of who we are and how we navigate the digital world.