How to delete Instagram chat from both sides?


By the end of this post, you will be equipped with reliable information and directions on how to delete Instagram chats completely from both, your side and the recipient's side.


In the realm of modern day communications, Instagram has taken a centre stage. It's not just a platform for sharing images or keeping tabs on your favorite influencers, but has grown into a broad communication conduit where chats play an integral role. 


There could however be instances where you need to erase a particular conversation from Instagram - be it for cleanup, privacy, or for countless other reasons. You might be wondering, "But how do I delete Instagram chats from both sides?" 


Don't fret! This will be your definitive guide, walking you through every step and succoring you in your endeavor to achieve this objective. By the end of this post, you will be equipped with reliable information and directions on how to delete Instagram chats completely from both, your side and the recipient's side. So let's dive in and de-clutter your Instagram chats!

Understanding Instagram Chat

Instagram, known for photo and video sharing, also has an integrated direct messaging feature called Instagram Chat. This functionality allows users to send text messages, share posts, send voice messages, add video notes, and more. All these conversations take place privately between the recipient and the sender, providing a direct line of communication that separates it from the typical public comment section.

However, as convenient as Instagram chats can be, too many conversations can sometimes clutter your direct messages inbox. This becomes particularly true for active users or public accounts that receive a high volume of messages.

Also, there may be times when you've sent a message that you'd prefer to take back, or conversely, received messages you'd like to erase. Then, deleting Instagram chats comes into play. Not only does it allow for a clean, organized inbox, but it also enables a level of privacy and control over your social media interactions. It's important to master this feature, as it plays an integral role in managing your digital footprint on the platform.

Thus, the necessity of understanding how to delete Instagram Chat is important for a privacy-centric and clutter-free Instagram experience.

Before you Delete Instagram Chat: A Disclaimer

Before delving into the process of deleting Instagram chats, it's crucial to acknowledge the potential consequences of doing so. Deleting Instagram chats from both sides is not a foolproof solution, and being aware of its limitations and possible issues is necessary for an effective privacy management strategy.

Disclaimer on effects of deleting Instagram chat from both sides

Deleting Instagram chats from both sides means that the messages in the conversation will be removed from your chat history as well as from the recipient's inbox. However, this action doesn't ensure complete privacy as recipients may still have taken screenshots or saved the media you sent before it was deleted.

Moreover, when you unsend a message, Instagram will notify your recipients that something has been deleted from the conversation. Therefore, it may raise suspicions or prompt recipients to ask questions about the missing content, which may not be an ideal situation.

Limitations and cautions

  1. Unsent messages will still trigger a brief notification for the recipient if they have notifications enabled. Hence, they might be aware that you've sent a message, even if they can't see the content.
  2. Instagram messages, especially media files, might continue to exist on Instagram's servers even after you delete them from your chat history.
  3. If you delete an entire conversation, new messages from that user or group will reappear in your inbox as they are received.
  4. Deleting a conversation doesn't unsend previously sent messages. To remove a particular message from the recipient's inbox, you must unsend the message manually.

Although deleting Instagram chat from both sides can help maintain a neater inbox and provide a degree of privacy, it's essential to exercise caution when sharing private or sensitive information, as deleted messages may not be completely erased from all records.

A Step-by-Step Guide on how to delete Instagram Chat

Understanding how to delete Instagram chat messages and conversations can be a useful way to manage your digital privacy on Instagram. In this guide, we'll focus on how to delete individual messages and entire conversations.

Deleting a Message You Sent on Instagram

  • Open Instagram

Delete Instagram Chat - Instagram

  • Tap on the paper plane icon at the top right-hand corner to access your Direct Messages (DMs).

Delete Instagram Chat - Messages

  • Find the chat where you would like to delete a message and tap on it.

Delete Instagram Chat - Choose Message

  • Long press on the specific message you want to delete.
  • A menu will appear at the bottom of the screen. Select "Unsend."

Delete Instagram Chat - Unsend

  • Confirm your decision, and the message will disappear from the chat on both sides.

Deleting an Entire Conversation on Instagram

  • Open Instagram 

Delete Instagram Chat - Instagram

  • Go to your Direct messages by tapping on the paper plane icon.

Delete Instagram Chat - Messages

  • Locate the conversation you want to delete and long press.

Delete Instagram Chat - Choose Conversation

  • A few options will pop up. Select "Delete."

Delete Instagram Chat- Delete

  • Confirm your decision, and the entire conversation will be deleted from your chat history.

Delete Instagram Chat - Confirm Delete

Note: Deleting an entire conversation will not unsent any messages that have already been seen by the recipient.

Considerations to Remember When Deleting Instagram Chat

  • Erasing chats from your end will not prevent further messages from the same user showing up in your inbox.
  • Unsent messages will disappear from both ends, but recipients might get a notification that a message was deleted.
  • Practice caution when sharing sensitive information in messages since recipients may still save information by capturing screenshots or saving media before deletion.
  • Deleting messages or entire chats does not necessarily mean they're permanently erased from Instagram servers.

By following these steps and understanding the associated considerations, you can enhance your control over your Instagram chat conversations and maintain a tidier and more private inbox.

Common Issues When Trying to Delete Instagram Chat

Despite Instagram's user-friendly interface, several users may come across issues when trying to delete Instagram chats. Let's take a look at some common problems and their respective solutions.

"Unsend" Option Not Available

  • Problem: Some users report that they cannot see the "Unsend" option when they hold onto a message.
  • Solution: Try updating your Instagram app to the latest version as the app regularly launches updates, including bug fixes. If the option is still unavailable, report the issue to Instagram's support.

Deleted Messages Reappear

  • Problem: Sometimes, deleted messages reappear after logging out and then logging back into the Instagram account.
  • Solution: This could be due to a temporary bug in the app. Try to delete the messages again, then clear the cache data of the Instagram app from your device's settings. If the issue persists, reinstalling the app might help.

Cannot Delete Conversation

  • Problem: Users might find that some conversations do not have the delete option.
  • Solution: This usually happens in group chats where you are not the owner. In such cases, you can only leave the group chat to remove it from your inbox.

Other User Still Sees Messages

  • Problem: Users might find that the other user can still see the messages after they've deleted the chat.
  • Solution: Deleting a chat only deletes the messages from your end. If you want the messages to disappear from the other person's inbox, you should unsend each message instead.

Remember, it's always important to reach out to Instagram Support when issues persist. They are in the best position to provide guidance and efficient technical solutions.

FAQs About on how to delete Instagram Chat

Here are some common questions and misconceptions regarding deleting Instagram chats:

Do recipients receive a notification if I unsend a message on Instagram Chat?

Yes, when you unsend a particular message on Instagram Chat, the recipient will receive a notification indicating that the message was deleted. However, they will not be able to view the content of the message once it's unsent.

When I delete an entire conversation, will it also be deleted on the recipient's end?

No, when you delete an entire conversation, it only removes the messages from your chat history. To delete messages from the other user's side, you must unsend each message individually.

Can I unsend a message that the recipient has already read?

Yes, you can unsend messages regardless of whether the recipient has read them. However, once a message has been read, you cannot prevent the recipient from having viewed its content or potentially saved it via screenshots or downloaded media.

Is there a time limit for unsending messages on Instagram Chat?

No, there is no specific time limit for unsending messages on Instagram Chat. You can unsend a message even if it was sent a long time ago.

If I block a user, will our chat history be deleted?

Blocking a user does not automatically delete your chat history with them. However, it prevents them from accessing the chat. If you want to delete the chat history, you need to either unsend the messages or delete the conversation from your end manually.

Can I delete messages sent by other users in a group chat?

No, you cannot delete or unsend messages sent by other users in a group chat. Only the person who sent the message has the ability to unsend it.


Being able to effectively manage your Instagram chat entails that you have a grasp on how to delete and unsend messages. It also necessitates the awareness of the limitations and considerations that come along with these activities.

Here are the key takeaways:

  • To delete a message, or more precisely, to "unsend" it, implies that the item will be removed from both your and the recipient's chat history.
  • If you delete an entire conversation, it is cleared only from your chat history. Any contained messages that you sent will continue to exist in the recipient's chat, unless you expressly unsend each of them.
  • While unsending a message might trigger a short-lived notification for the recipient, there is the possibility they might have seen or saved the content before you managed to retract it.
  • Even when messages or the entire conversation are deleted or unsent from the chat, they might not be completely wiped off from Instagram's servers.

The functions of deletion and unsending messages are powerful tools at your disposal to ensure your privacy and maintain an uncluttered Instagram inbox. However, there's a need to exercise caution, and it's prudent to not overstep with sensitive information in your messages, given the limitations of these activities.

In essence, remember that at the heart of it, social media is a public forum that's globally accessible. The priority should always be maintaining decorum in communication and protecting your privacy.

Now that you're equipped with a deep understanding of Instagram's chat deletion options and the consequent implications, you are in a better position to manage your Instagram interactions and take charge of your digital footprint.