How to Fix Instagram Music Notes not Showing?


Have you ever been stopped in your tracks while crafting the perfect Instagram story by the puzzling absence of Instagram Music Notes?


Have you ever been stopped in your tracks while crafting the perfect Instagram story by the puzzling absence of Music Notes? It's a frustration shared by many in our visually-driven social community—your story lacks that final touch of a catchy tune due to this elusive feature. Instagram's Music Notes have transformed how we express ourselves, turning a simple post into a symphony of sight and sound. They add that extra layer of emotion, setting the tone for our visual narratives. Yet, sometimes, these notes seem to vanish, leaving many users tapping in confusion.

As you seek to harmonize your stories with the perfect melody, we understand the annoyance when the notes don't fall into place. However, there’s no need to endure the silence any longer. Our ultimate guide is here to troubleshoot the issue with actionable solutions to get the Instagram Music Notes feature back in tune. From quick checks to ensure Instagram's full functionality to more involved fixes, we'll lead you through a crescendo of remedies that will make your Instagram stories sing once again. Let's turn the page on this silent issue and compose a solution together.

Understanding Instagram Music Notes

In the constantly evolving world of Instagram, Music Notes stand out as a resonant feature that brings depth and emotion to stories and posts. Essentially, these are snippets of melodies or full songs that users can embed within their Instagram content, creating an auditory experience that complements the visual. 

Whether it's a heartwarming video or a breathtaking photo, the right soundtrack can elevate your Instagram story from a mere post to a compelling narrative. This feature not only adds a layer of creativity but also enables users to express themselves more fully, sharing their current mood, enhancing a message, or simply making their content more engaging and relatable.

However, as melodious as this sounds, certain dissonances can occur, leading to situations where Music Notes don't appear or function as expected. Several scenarios can contribute to this cacophony of issues:

  • Geographical Restrictions: Music licenses vary across countries, and as such, Instagram Music might not be available everywhere. Users in regions where licenses are not obtained will find themselves without the ability to add tunes to their stories.
  • Outdated App Version: Tech platforms frequently update their features and fix bugs. If you're not using the latest version of Instagram, you might miss out on the Music Notes feature or encounter glitches.
  • Account Types: Music Notes may display differently depending on whether you're using a personal, business, or creator account. Some features, including Music Notes, might have limitations or enhanced capabilities based on account classification.
  • Technical Bugs: Like any software, Instagram is not immune to the occasional glitch. Bugs can temporarily interfere with features, leading to Music Notes disappearing or not playing.

By acknowledging these scenarios, users can better diagnose why they might be facing issues with Instagram Music Notes. Understanding the potential causes is the first step in orchestrating a solution that lets your stories sing once again.

Checking Music Notes if it is Missing

Before you deep dive into troubleshooting measures, let's explore several preliminary checks that can shed some light on why your Instagram Music Notes might be striking a sour note. Two primary factors to consider are the visibility of the Music Notes and the version of the Instagram app on your device.

Is Instagram's Music Notes Feature really missing?
Simply head over to your Instagram story feature. Here, you should look for a music note icon, usually found among the set of interactive tools used to enhance stories. If it's not clearly visible, try scrolling left or right among these tools to ensure it hasn't been pushed off-screen. Don’t see it? Fear not, we have further steps to help you bring the music back.

Is your Instagram App up-to-date?
Outdated app versions can be the silent assassin of newer features such as Music Notes. Ensuring that your Instagram app is up-to-date is crucial as developers often fix bugs, add enhancements, or introduce new features with each update. If your Instagram app version is outdated, your device may not support or display these Music Notes.

To check your application’s version:

  • On Android: Go to your Google Play Store > My apps & games > Instagram. You will be able to see if there's an update available.
  • On iOS: Visit App Store > your profile icon > Find Instagram under 'Available Updates' if any update is due.

These primary checks can provide an initial gauge of your issue. If the Music Notes feature is still playing hide and seek, it's time to dive deeper into more specific solutions in the subsequent sections.

Fixes for Instagram Music Notes Not Showing

When preliminary checks seem to strike a flat note, don't worry. We've got some proven solutions that have helped many Instagrammers see their Music Notes resurface. Let’s explore these methods:

Clear Cache and Reinstall Instagram

Over time, the cached data in Instagram can lead to a chorus of glitches, including the disappearance of Music Notes. Clearing Instagram’s cache could potentially resolve these issues. Here’s a quick rundown on how to clear cache:

On Android:

  • Head to your phone settings.
  • Navigate to 'Apps' or 'Manage Apps', depending on your phone's interface.
  • Find and select Instagram, then tap on 'Storage & Cache.'
  • Hit the 'Clear Cache' button.

On iOS:

  • Go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage.
  • Scroll down to find Instagram.
  • Tap 'Offload App' and confirm.

Following this, consider reinstalling Instagram. Uninstall the app and then download it again for the latest version either through Google Play Store for Android or App Store for iOS. Also, APK sources can be used to download Instagram, but ensure they are trusted to avoid any security issues.

Opt for Beta Testing

If you're comfortable on the cutting edge, you might consider Instagram's Beta Testing program. Beta Testers have early access to new features and updates before they are rolled out to the general public, and this can often include new developments with Music Notes.

Once you sign up to be a tester, updates (including beta versions) will be granted automatically on Android via the Google Play Store. For iOS, beta versions are provided through the TestFlight app. However, remember that Beta versions can occasionally come with their own glitches, given their pre-release status.

By following these proven methods, you're one step closer to accessing Instagram’s Music Notes feature again. Up next, let's explore how to use this feature once it's ready and resonating on your Instagram app.

Steps in Using Instagram Music Notes

With your Instagram Music Notes back in tune, it's time to incorporate them into your stories. Here’s a harmonious guide to take you through each note of the process:

Step One: Initiate a New Note

Starting your composition on Instagram begins with a familiar gesture:

  • Open your Instagram app and navigate to the Message.

How to Fix Instagram Music Notes not Showing - Message

  • Choose 'Note' from the top of your profile to start crafting your new note.

How to Fix Instagram Music Notes not Showing - Notes

Step Two: Access the Music Icon

With the canvas of your story Note, it's time to infuse it with melodies:

  • Among the myriad of fun and interactive stickers, look for the “Music” option. It's typically symbolized by a music note icon (🎵).

How to Fix Instagram Music Notes not Showing - Music Notes

  • Tap on the Music sticker to bring up Instagram's music library, where the magic of adding tunes to your note begins.

Step Three: Account Recommendations

If at this stage Music Notes seem to be out of reach, consider the type of your Instagram account. Sometimes, transitioning between account types can influence feature availability:

  • Instagram offers distinct account options: Personal, Business, and Creator. Each has its own set of features and limitations.
  • If possible, switch to a different account type by going to your account settings > Account > Switch Account Type. This can, at times, restore access to missing features, including Music Notes.

Step Four: Select and Share Music

Now, let’s set the tone of your Note with the perfect tune:

  • Upon accessing the music library, either browse through Instagram’s recommendations or use the search bar to find a specific song.

How to Fix Instagram Music Notes not Showing - Choose Music

  • Once you’ve struck the right chord with a song, tap it to select. You will then be prompted to select a segment of the song that fits best with your note. Instagram allows a preview of the song to ensure it hits the right notes within your story.

How to Fix Instagram Music Notes not Showing - Music Information

  • After selecting the song segment, finalize by tapping the Share'. The song will now be embedded in your note with an animated sticker that displays the song’s information.

How to Fix Instagram Music Notes not Showing - Click Share


The world of Instagram awaits your Notes, now enriched with melodies that resonate with your personal narrative. With these steps, your Instagram notes are not just seen but heard, creating a more immersive and expressive experience for your audience.


In the orchestra of social media features, Instagram Music Notes play a vital role, allowing users to express themselves through the universal language of music. As with any digital platform, staying in tune with the latest app updates is crucial. Regular updates not only enhance the security and performance of the app but also ensure access to the full symphony of features Instagram has to offer, including those melodious Music Notes.

The solutions to counteract issues with Instagram's Music Notes—from clearing cache to reinstalling the app, opting to join Instagram's Beta program, to checking account types—are like a well-composed score with steps leading to harmony. Applied effectively, they have helped many users bring back, maintain, and enjoy the music in their Instagram stories.

Whether you've struck the right chord with these solutions or are still facing a silent story, your experiences matter. Share your successes or encore queries in the comments section below. By doing so, you become part of a supportive ensemble, a community where each member’s insights and questions enhance the collective understanding and user experience on Instagram.

Together, we’ll make sure the music goes on.