How to Fix Instagram Notes Not Showing?


One of those commonly reported problems is with Instagram Notes Not Showing. Despite its occasional troubles, being savvy about managing these setbacks can drastically improve your Instagram experience.


Are you an Instagram User, struggling with the issue of your Instagram Notes not displaying correctly or, perhaps, not even showing up at all? Instagram, with its visually engaging platform, has quickly become one of the leading social media apps worldwide, but with this behemoth of a service, there are bound to be minor issues and glitches surfacing from time to time. 

One of those commonly reported problems is with Instagram Notes Not Showing. Despite its occasional troubles, being savvy about managing these setbacks can drastically improve your Instagram experience.

It's an annoyance, to say the least, when your Instagram Notes aren't readily accessible or visible. The Notes feature can hold essential information and reminders that enhance the user's interaction with the platform, making it a nuisance when they become elusive. 

Whether you're a daily Instagram user who thrives on constant updates or you use this platform sporadically, these issues can disrupt your seamless photo-sharing journey. This guide aims to help you troubleshoot and, ideally, fix this concern, reconnecting you to the social-sharing cosmos of Instagram smoothly and quickly.

The Problem: Instagram Notes Not Showing

Instagram notes play a crucial role in organizing and saving essential content for personal or professional purposes. However, instances of notes not showing up can put a damper on the user experience. In this section, we'll delve into the problem, offer a detailed explanation of why this issue occurs, and examine its impact on the user experience to emphasize the need for effective solutions.

Detailed Explanation of the Problem

Instagram Notes is a feature that allows users to save posts in an organized way for future reference. However, sometimes users encounter an issue where their Instagram notes are not showing, causing valuable content to seemingly disappear.

While using the feature, users may notice that saved notes are either not visible or the content within the notes doesn't load, despite a solid internet connection. Sometimes, the problem could be with certain notes, while at other times, the entirety of the saved notes refuses to display. This issue could occur for various reasons such as potential bugs in Instagram's system, an outdated app version, or location-based feature restrictions.

Impact on the User Experience

The issue of Instagram notes not showing can have a significant impact on the user experience. For individuals who rely on this feature for saving important content—such as business posts, inspirational quotes, educational content, or even fashion and travel inspirations—it can cause disruptions and inconvenience.

Furthermore, this issue can affect productivity as it hampers the ability to quickly retrieve saved content. For businesses and influencers, this could mean a loss of valuable resources or effective reposting material, potentially impacting their social media strategies. Thus, resolving this issue is vital for maintaining an optimal Instagram experience.

Reasons Why Instagram Notes Not Showing

There are quite a few reasons why Instagram Notes might not be showing. Here are some possible causes:

Outdated Instagram App

Sometimes, bugs and glitches in older versions of the Instagram app can lead to the notes not appearing as they should. Updating your app could solve the problem.

Inappropriate Account Type

Not all types of Instagram accounts have access to the Notes feature. If you are using a business or creator account, you may not be able to see Instagram Notes, as the feature is typically available to personal accounts.

Connectivity Issues

If your internet connection is unstable or slow, it might prevent Instagram Notes from loading properly.

Instagram Glitches

Occasionally, issues with Instagram itself can result in Notes not showing. This could be due to server issues or bugs that are not related to your specific account or device.

Device Software Issues

If your phone's operating system is outdated or facing technical glitches, it could impact how apps like Instagram function.

Incorrect Privacy Settings

If the privacy settings on your Instagram account are set to high, it may limit certain features like Notes from showing.

Use of Third-Party Apps

If you're using a third-party app alongside Instagram, it could interfere with Instagram's functionality, leading to some features such as notes not showing as expected.

Instagram Updates

Sometimes, during new feature roll-outs or software updates, certain Instagram features might be temporarily unavailable.

Understanding the root of the issue is the first step towards rectifying it and restoring the correct functioning of Instagram Notes.

How to Troubleshoot Instagram Notes Not Showing

Having problems with Instagram notes not showing up? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Follow this step-by-step guide to troubleshoot this issue and get your Instagram notes back on track.

Verifying Messages

Before fretting about the non-visibility of Instagram Notes, ensure that you are checking them at the right spot. Look for notes in Direct Messages, rather than the feed.

To locate Instagram Notes:

Instagram > Messenger icon > + icon on your Profile Picture

This path should lead you to the Instagram Notes shared with you by other users.

Updating Instagram

It's fundamental to keep your apps updated. Instagram Notes were introduced in December 2022, and it's possible that users who haven't updated their app since then may not be able to view these. Visit your device's app store, search for Instagram, and look for available updates.

Instagram Notes Not Showing - Update


Creating a Close Friends List

If your Instagram account does not have a "Close Friends" list, you might run into visibility issues.

Steps to create a "Close Friends" list:

  • Go to Instagram and select the profile icon.

Instagram Notes Not Showing - Hamburger Line

  • Click on the Menu icon and choose Close Friends.

Instagram Notes Not Showing - Close Friends List


  • To add friends, tap each user’s name and click Done.

Instagram Notes Not Showing - Click Done

Switching to a Professional Account

For some, transitioning to a professional account may resolve the issue. The process is as follows:

  • Open Instagram and select your profile picture.

Instagram Notes Not Showing - Profile

  • Click on the three-line Menu icon.

Instagram Notes Not Showing - Hamburger Line

  • Choose Settings and Privacy.

Instagram Notes Not Showing - Settings and Privacy

  • Access Account Type and Tools.

Instagram Notes Not Showing - Account Type and Tools

  • Click on Switch to Professional Account.

Instagram Notes Not Showing - Switch to Professional Account

  • Follow subsequent on-screen instructions.

Once you have a professional account, check your Direct Messages for Instagram Notes again. If the issue persists, switch back to a personal account to see if this solves the problem.

Enabling Activity Status

Another possible solution is enabling the Activity Status feature.

Steps to activate:

  • Go to Instagram and pick your profile icon.

Instagram Notes Not Showing - Profile

  • Press the three-line Menu icon.

Instagram Notes Not Showing - Hamburger Line

  • Opt for Settings and Privacy.

Instagram Notes Not Showing - Settings and Privacy

  • Select Messages and Story Replies.

Instagram Notes Not Showing - Messages and Story Replies

  • Tap on Show Activity Status.

Instagram Notes Not Showing - Show Activity Status

  • Switch on the Show Activity Status option.

Instagram Notes Not Showing - Click Show Activity Status

After following these steps, check your Messages for Instagram Notes.

Checking if Notes are Muted

You might have accidentally muted someone's note, and if that's the case, you need to unmute them to see their Instagram Notes.

Unmute notes:

  • Open Instagram and navigate to the profile you might have muted.
  • Under their bio, tap Following 

Instagram Notes Not Showing - Following

  • Tap Mute 

Instagram Notes Not Showing - Mute

  • Untoggle Note.

Instagram Notes Not Showing - Untoggle Notes

Checking Regional Availability

Instagram Notes may not yet be available in all regions. In case it isn't accessible to you and you still want to use it, you might want to consider using a VPN.

To do that, switch your VPN location to the United States, log out, then log back into Instagram and see if Instagram Notes is now accessible.

Contacting Instagram Support

If none of the above strategies resolve the issue, the last resort is to reach out to Instagram Support.

To connect with support:

  • Launch Instagram and select your profile icon.

Instagram Notes Not Showing - Profile

  • Click on the Menu icon.

Instagram Notes Not Showing - Hamburger Line

  • Go to Settings and Privacy

Instagram Notes Not Showing - Settings and Privacy

  • Opt for Help.

Instagram Notes Not Showing - Help

  • Click on Report A Problem and detail your issue.

Instagram Notes Not Showing - Report a Problem

Hopefully, by applying the steps discussed in this guide, you can successfully troubleshoot the "Instagram Notes not showing" issue. Stay patient and remember that these features usually roll out gradually to all regions.

Preventing Future Issues with Instagram Notes Not Showing

Instagram notes can be a valuable tool for users seeking to save important content and enhance their in-app experience. However, problems such as notes not showing up can lead to frustration and hinder your productivity. In this section, we'll focus on two crucial strategies to help prevent future issues with Instagram notes: ensuring regular app updates and keeping track of Instagram's feature releases. By following these tips, you'll stay ahead of potential problems, ensuring a seamless Instagram experience.

Ensuring Regular App Updates

One of the best ways to prevent issues with Instagram notes not showing up is by ensuring that your Instagram app is always updated to the latest version. Instagram frequently adds new features, updates existing ones, and fixes bugs through these updates. An outdated app can often result in features not working properly, including notes.

To keep your app updated, ensure that automatic updates are enabled on your device. If not, regularly check the App Store (for iOS devices) or the Google Play Store (for Android devices) and update Instagram whenever an update is available. Not only does this often fix existing issues, but it also optimizes the app's performance, resulting in an overall smoother user experience.

Keeping Track of Instagram’s Feature Releases

Instagram is constantly innovating and rolling out new features to its users. Keeping track of these feature releases can help you stay ahead and prevent issues before they occur. Sometimes, the notes feature might not be working properly because it's under revision or because it's being phased out for a new feature.

You can keep track of Instagram's new feature releases and updates by following their official blog or newsroom, tech websites, or Instagram itself. This will provide you with firsthand information about any new rollouts, the regions they have been rolled out to, and any known issues associated with these updates. By staying informed, you'll be better equipped to understand any difficulties you may encounter and how best to address them.


In summary, the problem of Instagram notes not showing can be a real setback for users who depend heavily on this feature for content organization, storage and reference. While the exact source of the issue can stem from various factors, we've discussed critical strategies like ensuring regular app updates and staying abreast with Instagram's feature releases to avoid or resolve such problems effectively.

Remember, keeping your application updated can help solve many glitches and bugs that come up, and staying in the loop about new feature releases helps you circumvent issues that may arise from sudden changes to the platform's functionality. A proactive approach can thus ensure an uninterrupted and smooth Instagram usage experience.

We value your thoughts and experiences. If you've encountered this issue and resolved it with a different strategy, or if you have any questions or comments regarding this topic, please feel free to message us. Your input could be invaluable to others facing the same problem. Sharing our collective knowledge allows us to better navigate and enjoy the ever-evolving world of Instagram.