How to Fix the Instagram Invite Collaborator Issue?


Let's put that frustrating question – why isn't the "Invite Collaborator" not showing up on Instagram – out of your mind once and for all! So, buckle up and continue reading as we demystify the solution to this Instagram feature issue.


If there's one thing social media users, specifically Instagram users, dread, it is encountering issues when trying to use certain features. One such problem, which seems to be bothering quite a bunch of Instagram users, is the issue of the "Invite Collaborator" option not showing up. 


As a platform built for community and connection, Instagram's user experience centers on collaboration, sharing, and interaction. Therefore, it can be notably frustrating when you're unable to invite collaborators to your posts due to technical glitches or missteps.


In this blog post, we are going to teach you how to address this common, yet perplexing, issue. The tips are simple to follow and won't require any advanced tech skills. Regardless of whether you're an Instagram newbie or a seasoned user, we've got you covered. 


Let's put that frustrating question – why isn't the "Invite Collaborator" not showing up on Instagram – out of your mind once and for all! So, buckle up and continue reading as we demystify the solution to this Instagram feature issue.

Understanding Instagram's 'Invite Collaborator' Feature

Instagram, the social media goliath, is a place filled with opportunities to grow and network—both for individuals and businesses. One such opportunity is the 'Invite Collaborator' feature that allows for seamless partnerships and collaborations. But first, let's break down what this feature actually entails.

What is the 'Invite Collaborator' Feature?

The 'Invite Collaborator' feature has been designed to simplify the process of collaborating on sponsored content or promotions. It permits the primary content creator or owner to invite another Instagram user—often an influencer or a brand—to collaborate on a post or reel.

Once the collaborator accepts the invitation, they can share the post or reel on their own profile. Both account names will appear on the posts, and both parties will be able to view update and insights on the content, thus facilitating transparency and shared responsibility.

Enhancing Social Media Collaborations

The feature is a valuable tool for brands and influencers alike. It amplifies the reach of a post by leveraging the audiences of both collaborators, allowing for an increased visibility—essential in the world of digital marketing. This also means an opportunity to attract new followers, enhancing the overall growth trajectory.

For influencers and brands, it simplifies the process of cross-promotion. The shared insights mean both parties can monitor the performance of the post, gather data, and refine their strategies going forward.

Why Could the 'Invite Collaborator' Feature Go Missing?

Often users face the issue where the 'Invite Collaborator' feature seems to be missing. Several causes could be to blame for this:

  1. Instagram rolls out its features gradually, and in testing stages, some regions or account types may temporarily lack certain features.
  2. This feature is only available for business and creator Instagram accounts. If you're a personal account, you'll need to switch account types.
  3. An outdated Instagram app may also cause features to be missing. It's a good practice to keep your apps updated to the latest version.

In the next section, we will dig into the various ways to make this feature available if it's missing from your account. So didn't get disheartened—let's work together to enable 'Invite Collaborator' and expand your Instagram outreach.

Common Reasons 'Invite Collaborator' Might Not Show

If the 'Invite Collaborator' feature is still not visible on your Instagram even after following the pre-requisites, there might be some other factors at play. Let's examine the additional reasons that could prevent the feature from showing up and how to address them.

Insufficient Follower Count

One reason why the 'Invite Collaborator' option might not be available could be an insufficient follower count. Collaborations are meant to benefit both parties involved and ensure a significant level of audience reach. Instagram might impose a minimum follower requirement to provide meaningful collaboration opportunities.

To address this issue, consider:

  • Growing your follower base through engaging content and consistent posting
  • Participating in Instagram communities to gain more visibility
  • Collaborating with smaller influencers or brands to jumpstart your growth

Not Connected to a Facebook Page

For businesses on Instagram, another possible reason for the 'Invite Collaborator' feature not showing up can be the lack of connection between your Instagram account and a Facebook Page. This requirement is in place to ensure that advertisers on both platforms have a consistent presence.

Incorrect Account Type

As mentioned earlier, having a Business or Creator account is essential for accessing the 'Invite Collaborator' feature. If your account is still set to a personal account, the option will not be available.

Follow these steps to change to a Business or Creator account:

  1. Go to your Instagram profile 
  2. Tap the menu icon (three horizontal lines)
  3. Select "Settings and Privacy”
  4. Then Select  "Account Type and Tools"
  5. Tap "Switch to Professional Account"
  6. Choose between "Business" or "Creator," and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup

By addressing these common causes, the 'Invite Collaborator' feature should be enabled on your account, paving the way for beneficial collaborations and enhanced visibility on Instagram.

Step by Step Guide to Fixing the 'Invite Collaborator' Issue

If the 'Invite Collaborator' feature is currently unavailable on your account, below is a comprehensive step-by-step guide to troubleshoot and resolve this issue.

Disable Private Account

Collaboration features might not be available if your account is set up as private. Follow these steps to disable privacy:

  • Open the Instagram app 

Invite Collaborator - Instagram


  • tap your profile icon 

Invite Collaborator - Go To Profile


  • tap the more menu (three horizontal lines)

Invite Collaborator - Profile

  • Select Settings and Privacy

Invite Collaborator - Settings and Privacy

  • Select Account Privacy 

Invite Collaborator - Account Privacy

  • Deactivate the switch next to Private Account.

Invite Collaborator - Toggle Off Private Account

  • To see if the collaboration feature is now available, restart the Instagram app.

Switch to a Business or Professional Account

If you're using a personal account, you need to switch to a Business or Professional account.

  • Open the Instagram app 

Invite Collaborator - Instagram

  • tap your profile icon 

Invite Collaborator - Go To Profile

  • tap the more menu (three horizontal lines)

Invite Collaborator - Profile

  • Select Settings and Privacy

Invite Collaborator - Settings and Privacy

  • Select Account Type and Tools

Invite Collaborator - Account Type and Tools

  • Switch to a business account

Invite Collaborator - Switch to Professional Account

Invite Collaborator - Business

  • Wait approximately 48 hours for the changes to apply

Allow People to Tag You on Instagram

If you're unable to receive collaboration requests, you should allow everyone to tag you.

  • Open the Instagram app 

Invite Collaborator - Instagram

  • tap your profile icon 

Invite Collaborator - Go To Profile

  • tap the more menu (three horizontal lines)

Invite Collaborator - Profile

  • Select Settings and Privacy

Invite Collaborator - Settings and Privacy

  • Tap Tags and Mentions

Invite Collaborator - Tags and Mentions

  • Then Tap Allow tags from everyone

Invite Collaborator - Allow Tags from Everyone

Force Stop Instagram

If the 'Invite Collaboration' feature still isn't available, consider force-stopping the app and restarting it.

  • Long press on the Instagram app icon to open the App Info > Tap ‘Force Stop’ and reopen Instagram

Invite Collaborator - Force Stop

Clear Instagram Cache

Sometimes, corrupted cache files can cause functionality issues.

  • Long press on the Instagram app icon > open the info menu > Select ‘Storage and cache’ > Tap 'Clear cache'

Invite Collaborator - Clear Cache


Update Instagram

Ensuring your Instagram app is up-to-date can help resolve potential feature discrepancies.

  • Regularly check for updates in the Google Play Store or App Store and keep your Instagram app updated

Invite Collaborator - Instagram Update

Check Instagram's Server Status

If Instagram servers are currently experiencing outages, many features can temporarily stop working.

  • Visit a service like Downdetector to check Instagram's server status

Invite Collaborator - Down Detector

Invite Collaborator Before Uploading a Post

Remember, you can't invite collaborators after sharing a post, story, or Reel. You need to tag people before uploading the post.

Following these steps should fix the missing 'Invite Collaborator' feature, making collaborations on Instagram much more straightforward.

Tips and Tricks for Successful Collaborations on Instagram

Successful collaborations can significantly boost your Instagram strategy by bringing fresh content, providing more exposure, and adding authenticity to your profile.

Importance of Collaborations and Choosing the Right Partner

Collaborations on Instagram can lead to more engaging content, an expanded audience, and increased credibility for your brand. Choosing the right partner to collaborate with is essential.

  • Audience compatibility: Make sure your partner's audience aligns with yours. Their followers should also be interested in your content.
  • Brand alignment: Collaborate with partners who share similar values and aesthetic as your brand to ensure a seamless and authentic partnership.
  • Quality of content: Examine the quality of the prospective partner's content. It should be visually appealing and well-received by their audience.

Best Practices for a Successful Collaboration

Before jumping into a collaboration, it's wise to have a clear plan of action.

  • Set clear objectives: Define what you aim to achieve from the collaboration. It could be to grow your audience, boost engagement, increase sales, etc.
  • Define roles and responsibilities: For a smooth collaboration, it's essential to define who is responsible for what. This will help avoid any misunderstanding later on.
  • Create a content calendar: Develop a schedule for when and what type of content will be posted during the collaboration. This keeps the process organized and efficient.
  • Promote each other: Make sure to include cross-promotion on both partners' platforms to maximize exposure and reach.

Nurturing Relationships with Collaborators

Maintaining good relations with collaborators is key to long-term success on Instagram and can pave the way for future partnerships.

  • Maintain regular communication: Keep your collaborators in the loop about your plans and changes you want to make.
  • Value their input: Encourage ideas from your collaborators. This ensures they feel valued and appreciated.
  • Show gratitude: After the collaboration, thank your partner and show your appreciation for their work. This both maintains relationships and leaves the door open for future collaborations.

Remember, a successful collaboration is all about building meaningful relationships and working towards common goals.


In conclusion, issues concerning the 'Invite Collaborators' feature not showing on Instagram can often be fixed by some basic troubleshooting steps.Ensuring that you have the latest version of the app installed is crucial, and the problem may simply be a temporary glitch that can be fixed by logging out and back into your account. 

Verifying your Facebook and Instagram connections can eliminate potential conflicts, whilst turning on creator or business account settings will provide access to additional Instagram features. And remember that collaborating on Instagram is limited by geographical location and other parameters, understanding these can prevent a lot of unnecessary frustration.

Sometimes, more complex issues may be at play which might need the intervention of Instagram’s technical team. However, the steps outlined in this post should suffice in most cases. The 'Invite Collaborators' feature is a powerful tool for creators and businesses alike on Instagram, and solving its bugs can ensure a smooth and enjoyable collaborative experience. 

It's important to remember, just like any other social media app, Instagram is not immune to glitches, but with a little patience and know-how, these can be resolved. Being up-to-date with its functionalities and regular updates will keep your Instagram experience priceless and hassle-free.