How to Turn Off active status on Instagram?


We'll explore what 'Active Status on Instagram' is, and why you might want to switch it off to stay more private on the platform.


Privacy is a big deal when we use the internet, especially on social media sites like Instagram. These sites are fun and let us share parts of our lives with others, but they also collect heaps of information about us. That's why being able to control who sees what we're up to is super important. We don't always want everyone to know when we're scrolling through photos or sending messages.

Instagram is super popular all over the world, and it comes with a feature that lets people know when you're active or the last time you were online, which is what they call 'Active Status.' Some people might not mind this, but others might want to keep their browsing private. That's what we're going to talk about: how to keep your online time to yourself on Instagram. We'll explore what 'Active Status' is, and why you might want to switch it off to stay more private on the platform.

What is Active Status on Instagram?

Active Status on Instagram is a feature that signals your online activity to other users. It essentially communicates your presence on the app to your followers, giving them a visual indicator that you're currently on Instagram or when you were last using it.

How Does Active Status Work on Instagram?

The Active Status feature manifests as a tiny green dot adjacent to your profile name, giving an indication that you're on the platform. Additionally, in the direct messages section, it offers subtle timestamps of when you last used the app.

Pros and Cons of Active Status on Instagram

There exists a double-edged sword scenario with Instagram's Active Status. On the brighter side, as it gives an immediate update on your online presence, it could make your profile seem more engaging and interesting for your followers. This may potentially increase interaction levels, as other users know when it's the right time to catch you online.

However, on the flip side, having the Active Status switched on might not sit well with all users, especially those who prefer being discreet about their app-usage timings. Some might consider it intrusive, as it might make avoiding instant replies to messages harder, thereby posing as a potential hurdle to their privacy.

Why Would You Want to Turn Off Your Active Status on Instagram?

Some scenarios might lead to a user wanting to keep their Instagram activity under wraps. Turning off Active Status can be crucial for several reasons tied to one's personal digital boundaries.

Seeking More Privacy

You might want to cruise through Instagram without announcing your presence. The need for a digital cloak of invisibility comes from a desire for increased privacy – maybe you want to check in on your feed without sparking new conversations, or look through stories without hints of being available for a chat.

Wanting to Avoid Interruptions

We all have those moments when we're looking for a bit of downtime, enjoying content in peace, or maybe you're on Instagram as part of a wind-down routine before bed. By turning off Active Status, you're signaling a "do not disturb" sign to your social circle, giving you a quiet space without the expectation to engage.

Needing to Focus on Tasks without Appearing Online

Perhaps you're using Instagram for business or content planning purposes and need to stay concentrated. Or maybe you're multitasking and only available intermittently. Disabling your Active Status allows you to pop in and out of the app as you please without the pressure to reply immediately to messages since others won't see you as actively online.

Discussing Privacy Concerns

Digital privacy is a broad and nuanced topic. With awareness of digital footprints increasing, many Instagram users are more cautious about the information they share, including their online status. Whether due to personal preference or professional necessity, not everyone is comfortable with their activity being monitored or even potentially tracked, adding another layer to why users would opt to turn this feature off.

In a nutshell, maintaining control over your visibility on social media can contribute significantly to managing social expectations, maintaining focus, and ensuring a level of privacy suited to your comfort. Turning off the Active Status can thus be a key move for users looking to maintain a boundary between themselves and their online world.

Steps on How to Turn Off Active Status on Instagram

In this  guide I'll give you the detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to turn off your Instagram Active Status on both mobile (Android and iOS) and desktop platforms. Ensure your Instagram app is up-to-date and that you're logged into your account before starting.

For Mobile Users (Android and iOS):

  • Open Instagram App: Locate and tap the Instagram icon on your phone to launch the app.

How to Turn Off Active Status on Instagram - Launch Instagram

  • Access Profile: Tap on your profile picture at the bottom right to go to your profile page.

How to Turn Off Active Status on Instagram - Go to Profile

  • Open Settings: Tap on the three lines (menu) at the top right of your profile page, then select "Message and Story Replies" from the options that appear.

How to Turn Off Active Status on Instagram - Hamburger Line

How to Turn Off Active Status on Instagram - Messages and Story Replies

  • Select Show Activity Status: Click “Show Activity Status” and tap on it

How to Turn Off Active Status on Instagram - Show Activity Status

  • Turn Off Active Status: You will see a toggle next to "Show Activity Status." Tap on it to turn off your Active Status. When the toggle is off, it should change color (usually grey).

How to Turn Off Active Status on Instagram - Toggle Off Show Activity Status

For Desktop Users:

How to Turn Off Active Status on Instagram - Go to Instagram Website

  • Access Profile: Click on your profile picture at the top right corner. 

How to Turn Off Active Status on Instagram - Go to Your Profile

  • Open Settings: Click on the gear icon next to your profile name to open the settings menu.

How to Turn Off Active Status on Instagram - Click Settings

  • Navigate to Settings and Privacy: On the left side of the screen, click on “Settings and Privacy.”

How to Turn Off Active Status on Instagram - Go to Settings and Privacy

  • Find Message and Story Replies: Scroll down until you see “Activity Status” under the Message and Story Replies.

How to Turn Off Active Status on Instagram - Click Message and Story Replies

How to Turn Off Active Status on Instagram - Click Show Activity Status

  • Turn Off Active Status: Toggle Off  the "Show Activity Status". Your Active Status is now off, and others will not be able to see when you're online.

How to Turn Off Active Status on Instagram - Toggle Off Activity Status

Points to Remember:

  • Turning off your Active Status means you also won't be able to see the activity status of others.
  • The steps may vary slightly depending on the updates to Instagram's interface. Always look for sections labeled similarly if not exactly as described.
  • Remember to update your Instagram app regularly to have access to the latest features and options.

These instructions should help you manage your visibility regarding your online status on Instagram, enhancing your experience for privacy and control over your social interactions.

FAQs about Instagram’s Active Status Feature

What happens when you turn off your active status?

When you turn off your active status on Instagram, you effectively become invisible in terms of real-time online presence. This means that other users will not see any indicator showing you are currently active or online. Similarly, you won't be able to see the active status of others. This applies across the platform, including in the Direct Messages (DMs) section and elsewhere your active status would normally appear.

If I turn off my active status on Instagram, can people still see when I was last active?

No, when you turn off your active status, people will not be able to see when you were last active on Instagram. This information is hidden along with your real-time status. It’s part of the privacy feature to help users maintain their preferred level of visibility and interaction on the platform.

Does turning off active status on Instagram hide online status in DMs?

Yes, turning off your active status on Instagram will hide your online status in DMs. When you disable this feature, others cannot see if you are currently online or when you were last online in the Direct Messaging section. This allows for a more private messaging experience, giving you the freedom to read and respond to messages on your own schedule without indicating your activity or availability to others.


In our comprehensive guide, we delved into the nuanced details of Instagram's Active Status feature, showcasing step-by-step instructions on how to turn off your active status both on mobile devices (Android and iOS) and on the desktop platform. This adjustment is crucial for users seeking to maintain a certain level of privacy in their online presence, ensuring that their real-time activity - or lack thereof - remains unseen by others on the platform.

Privacy on social media is more than just a preference; in many cases, it's a necessity. Whether it's to avoid unwanted conversations, maintain a professional boundary, or simply to enjoy social media without the pressure of instantaneous responses, managing your active status empowers you with that choice. It's an important facet of digital wellbeing, allowing users to navigate the social realm on their own terms.

Moreover, we touched upon how this feature affects your visibility in DMs and provided insights into questions frequently asked by the community. Understanding the implications of these privacy settings is key to utilizing Instagram not just as a tool for connection, but also as a platform where personal boundaries can be respected and preserved.

Feedback and personal experiences with Instagram's Active Status feature are invaluable. They not only enrich our community's understanding but also spotlight the diverse needs and preferences regarding social media privacy. Thus, we encourage you to share your thoughts, experiences, and any tips you might have discovered in managing your online visibility. How has turning off your active status impacted your Instagram experience? Are there other privacy features you find indispensable?

Your insights contribute to a broader conversation about privacy, digital wellbeing, and the evolving landscape of social media interaction. Let’s continue the dialogue and explore together how we can navigate these digital spaces in ways that respect our individual preferences and foster a healthier, more mindful online community.

Thank you for joining us on this deep dive into Instagram's privacy settings. Your active participation, feedback, and comments are not only appreciated but essential in creating a supportive and informed online community.