How to Turn off an Instagram Business Account?


I’ll guide you through a detailed, step-by-step process on how to switch from a Instagram business Account to a personal account on Instagram, making it easy to follow:


Instagram is a powerhouse in social media with over a billion active users. That's why lots of businesses prefer setting up an Instagram Business Account. This choice unlocks special features like insights about posts, options for ads, and contact info to help customers connect easily. But things change, and what's great for a business today might not work tomorrow due to the fast-paced nature of social media.

Businesses sometimes switch back to a personal account for a few reasons. They may want a more personal feel to connect with followers in a real, honest way. Or they may want to ensure their profile is private rather than public. Smaller businesses could prefer to keep things simple by not having to manage a business account. 

Moreover, some people think the Instagram algorithm shows personal accounts to more people organically, which can be an attractive reason to switch. Switching off an Instagram Business Account isn't giving up, but rather, it's a strategic move towards a more personal way of engaging with the Instagram community. We're here to guide you through the process of changing your Instagram Business Account back to a personal one.

What is an Instagram Business Account?

An Instagram Business Account is a specialized profile designed for brands, creators, and organizations to engage with their audience and promote their services or products directly on Instagram. These accounts come packed with features aimed at boosting online visibility and interaction. 

Some key features include access to Instagram Insights, which offers detailed analytics on follower demographics and how posts are performing. Business accounts also allow for direct contact options like email or call buttons, the ability to promote posts as ads, and even set up shopping features.

Why do people turn Off an Instagram Business Account?

Despite the advantages, there are scenarios where switching back to a personal account might be more beneficial:

  • Privacy Concerns: When businesses seek a tighter control over who can see their content, a personal account offers that privacy. Unlike business profiles which must be public, a personal account can be made private, allowing only approved followers to see its content.
  • Algorithm Issues: There's a common belief among some Instagram users that the platform's algorithm might favor personal accounts over business ones in terms of organic reach and engagement. Though Instagram hasn't confirmed this, the perception alone can influence the decision to switch, especially for those noticing a dip in their content's performance.
  • Features & Ads: Not all businesses are keen to use the advanced features and advertising tools offered by Instagram. Smaller businesses or individual creators might find these options overwhelming or unnecessary, preferring the simplicity and directness of a personal account. Additionally, running ads and managing a business profile requires a budget and resources that not everyone is willing or able to commit.

Switching back to a personal account is not about stepping back but adapting to what suits the business or individual's needs at the moment. Whether it's a desire for more privacy, belief in better engagement, or a preference for simplicity, the switch can open new ways to connect with the audience authentically.

Switching from Instagram Business Account into Personal Account

Before making the switch from a business account to a personal account on Instagram, it's crucial to take a few preparatory steps to ensure a smooth transition and secure valuable data.

Backup Important Information

First and foremost, it's advisable to backup any important information you might need later. While Instagram’s business account provides detailed analytics and insights, switching to a personal account means you'll lose access to this data. Here’s what you should consider saving:

  • Insight Data: Make sure to take screenshots or note down your account's performance metrics. This includes data on follower growth, engagement rates, and the performance of recent posts and stories. Although this information won't be accessible once you switch, it can inform your content strategy going forward.
  • Contact Information from Followers: If your business account has been a channel for customer inquiries or leads, ensure you save any important contact information that might only be available through direct messages or comments.

Understand the Implications for Instagram Insights

Switching to a personal account significantly changes how you'll be able to view your account’s performance. With a business account, Instagram Insights offers comprehensive analytics about your audience's demographics, what times they're most active, and how each post or story performs. These insights are pivotal for tailoring content strategies and understanding audience behavior.

However, upon reverting to a personal account:

  • Access to Analytics Disappears: You'll no longer see data analytics provided by Instagram Insights. This means no more graphs tracking your followers' growth, no engagement metrics, and no insight into how individual posts are performing beyond basic likes and comments.
  • Future Planning Challenges: Without these analytics, planning content strategically becomes more challenging. You'll need to rely on manual tracking or third-party tools for any insights, which might not offer the same depth of understanding as Instagram's native tools.

Preparing to switch from a business account to a personal account is a decision that requires careful consideration of the value of existing data and understanding the implications on future analytics. Saving crucial data beforehand ensures that you preserve insights necessary for your social media strategy while acknowledging the shift to a more private and possibly less analytically driven approach to Instagram.

Steps on How to Switch from Instagram Business Account to Personal Account 

I’ll guide you through a detailed, step-by-step process on how to switch from a business to a personal account on Instagram, making it easy to follow:

Step 1: Open Instagram and Access Your Profile

How to Turn off an Instagram Business Account - Launch Instagram

How to Turn off an Instagram Business Account - Locate Profile

  • Begin by launching the Instagram app on your smartphone. Once it's open, locate your profile icon in the bottom right corner of the screen and tap on it. This will take you directly to your profile page where you can see your posts, followers, and profile picture.

Step 2: Open Business Tools and Controls

How to Turn off an Instagram Business Account - Click Three Horizontal Line

How to Turn off an Instagram Business Account - Click Creator Tools and Controls

  • On your profile page, look for the three horizontal lines (menu icon) or your profile picture in the top right corner, depending on the app's current layout. Tap it to open a menu. From the menu that appears, select ‘Business Tools and Controls’. This takes you into the settings area where you can make various adjustments to your account.

Step 3: Tap on Account

How to Turn off an Instagram Business Account - Switch Account Types

  • Within the ‘Business Tools and Controls’ menu, scroll down until you find the ‘Switch Account Type’ option. This section is where Instagram allows users to make changes related to their account type, among other things. 

Step 4: Adjust to Personal Account

  • Once you're in the ‘Switch Account’ settings, scroll down until you find an option that says ‘Switch to Personal Account’ or a similar variation. Instagram occasionally updates its interface, so the wording may change slightly. However, the essence remains the same. Tap on this option to initiate the switch from a business to a personal account.

Step 5: Reconfirm the Switching

How to Turn off an Instagram Business Account - Confirm Switching

  • After selecting to switch to a personal account, Instagram will likely display a confirmation or warning message. This message serves to ensure that you understand the features and insights you’ll lose access to upon switching. Read it carefully, and if you’re sure you want to proceed, confirm your decision by tapping ‘Switch to Personal Account’ in the confirmation dialogue.

Congratulations! You've successfully switched your Instagram account from business to personal. Remember, this change will affect how you interact with Instagram's features, like analytics and ads. If you decide to switch back to a business account in the future, you can follow a similar process through the account settings.

Consider revisiting your privacy settings following this switch, as your account will now have the privacy options available to personal accounts, including the option to set your account to private.

What Happens to Instagram Business Account Features?

After you switch from a business account to a personal one on Instagram, there will be immediate changes, notably in terms of business-specific features:

  • Instagram Insights: Access to Instagram Insights will be lost. This includes data analytics on post-performance, follower demographics, and more. You will no longer be able to see detailed statistics on how your content is performing.
  • Contact Information: The direct contact options that were available on your profile (such as Email, Call, and Directions buttons) will be removed. Users won't have these easy-access options to contact you.
  • Promotions: The ability to promote posts or create ads directly from your profile will be gone. You can't run Instagram ad campaigns without a business or creator account.
  • Shopping Features: If you used shopping features that enabled direct purchases through Instagram, this function will be disabled. Products tagged in posts and stories will no longer be clickable links to purchase pages.
  • Auto-Reply and Quick Replies: Automated messaging features, designed for quick responses to common inquiries, will no longer be available on a personal account.

Resetting Privacy Settings

When you revert to a personal account, it opens up the opportunity to adjust your privacy settings, which you may want to do immediately for control over who sees your content:

  • Private Account: Consider whether you want your account to be private: A private account restricts access to your content to just your followers and requires your approval for any new follower requests.
  • Story Sharing: Decide if you want to allow your stories to be shared: With a personal account, you can control whether other users can share your stories on their own stories or in direct messages.
  • Activity Status: Manage your activity status visibility: You can choose to hide your online presence or when you last used Instagram from other users.

How to Modify Privacy Settings:

  1. Go to your profile and tap the menu icon in the top right corner.
  2. Tap Settings, then Privacy.
  3. Here, you'll find a variety of options such as Account Privacy, where you can toggle on Private Account.
  4. Additionally, you can adjust Story, Activity Status, and other privacy-related settings to fit your preferences.

Be sure to consider these changes carefully and to set your privacy settings in a way that aligns with how you wish to engage with your audience and content reach. Reverting to a personal account might be a strategic decision, so reassess your approach to content and engagement after making this shift — the privacy and the lowered profile might change your interaction with your audience.


Switching your Instagram from a business to a personal account is pretty easy, and you can do it quickly. Just go to your profile, then into the settings. Find the Account section, and there should be an option to switch to a personal account. Make sure you really want to do it, because you'll lose some cool business features like seeing who's checking out your posts and easy ways for customers to contact you. But if personal is what you need right now, just hit that switch button and confirm you want to change it.

It's important to think about why you want to switch and what you want from your Instagram. After you switch, don't forget to check who can see your posts and change those settings if you need to. And hey, if you decide later on that a business account was actually what you needed, no problem! You can always switch back whenever you want. Good luck with whichever type of account you choose!