How to Unhide the Threads Badge on Instagram?


Threads Badge on Instagram used to be a cool little feature on user profiles, but recently it's disappeared for lots of people and has caused quite a bit of head-scratching.


Instagram's Threads badge used to be a cool little feature on user profiles, but recently it's disappeared for lots of people and has caused quite a bit of head-scratching. Especially for people who've been on Instagram for a while and were some of the first to get the badge, it feels like a bit of their Instagram identity just went poof without any warning. Everyone's asking around, trying to figure out why something they liked on their profile just disappeared like that.


The thing is, finding out how to get that badge back hasn't been easy, and that's made a lot of Instagram users even more frustrated. But don't worry, because this guide is here to clear things up. We're diving into the mystery to help you bring that Threads badge back where it belongs. So if you're scratching your head about where your badge went and how to get it back, stick around, and let's solve this puzzle together.

Why Can't You See Your Threads Badge?

Have you been wondering why your Threads badge on Instagram has mysteriously vanished? You're not alone. It turns out, some of us might have accidentally hidden our Threads badges without even realizing it. Yes, a simple misclick or a misunderstood setting adjustment could be the culprit behind this vanishing act. This accidental hide-and-seek has left many users scratching their heads, especially after they've tried to follow online tutorials to bring the badge back, only to find those instructions leading nowhere.


This confusion isn't just frustrating; it's also added a layer of mystery to what should be a straightforward feature on Instagram. Despite diligently following step-by-step guides found all over the internet, many users end up at the same starting point - without their badge. This situation has led to a lot of head-scratching within the community. The more tutorials they follow, the more users realize that restoring the Threads badge might not be as easy as initially thought, leading to further confusion and a quest for a reliable solution.

The Truth Behind the Instagram Threads Badge

Contrary to what many believe, the Threads badge on Instagram is not as simple to unhide as it might seem. This myth has been making rounds on the internet, offering false hope to users looking to restore their missing badge. Regretfully, the claim that you can easily unhide the Threads badge with just a few clicks is more fiction than truth. The road to the badge's restoration is paved with more complexities than these over-simplified tutorials suggest.

Adding to the confusion is Instagram's own message confirmation which pops up when you decide to remove the Threads badge. The seemingly routine alert states that the action is permanent, further discouraging users from trying to retrieve their badge. The lack of clear instructions on how to reverse this 'permanent' action has contributed to the prevailing myth and the continued frustration among users unable to restore their badge. Essentially, the reality of unhiding the Threads badge is more multifaceted than the myths circulating online would have you believe.

Steps to Get Your Instagram Threads Badge Back

Embarking on a mission to restore your Instagram Threads badge may seem mysterious, but it's entirely possible when you know where to start and what to do. The first and most important thing you'll need is your Threads profile URL, which acts as a mirage to the hidden badge. Now, let's dive into the steps to return that missing Threads badge to its rightful place.

Step 1: Begin from Within Instagram

How to Unhide the Threads Badge on Instagram - Edit Profile

To start, you'll need to open the Instagram app on your phone and go to your profile by tapping on the profile icon at the bottom right. Once there, look for the 'Edit Profile' option located below your profile photo and your follower details. Tap on it to access the profile editing page.

Step 2: Discover the Power of Adding Links

How to Unhide the Threads Badge on Instagram - Add Link

How to Unhide the Threads Badge on Instagram - Add External Link

While on the profile editing page, scroll down until you see the "Links" option. It's this section that will help you bring back your Threads badge. When you tap on the "Links" option, you'll see an 'Add Link' prompt that allows you to insert an external link to your profile. Select it to add a link.

Step 3: Deliberate Details Input

How to Unhide the Threads Badge on Instagram - Copy Link to your Threads and Add the URL

How to Unhide the Threads Badge on Instagram - Show Instagram Threads Badge

Now, this is where you need to be methodical and precise. In the URL field, you need to input your Threads profile URL meticulously. Afterward, in the Title field, write 'Threads Account Number: Threads.' Remember, the formatting is crucial here. Once you've done this, hit 'Save.' Your missing Threads badge should now reappear on your Instagram profile, right where it used to be.

Prerequisite in Getting Back the Instagram Threads Badge

Before diving into the nitty-gritty of bringing back the Threads badge on your Instagram profile, it's essential to understand and meet the primary requirement for this process. Without this foundation, attempting the restoration steps will be akin to building a house without a blueprint. So, what’s this cornerstone prerequisite? Let’s break it down:

Ensure the Threads App is Installed and Linked:

  • Installation Nuance: The journey to retrieve your Threads badge begins with the Threads app itself. This application must be installed on your device. If it's been removed for any reason, visit your device's app store, search for Threads by Instagram, and download it once again.
  • Linking Accounts: Having the app isn't enough. Your Instagram account and Threads must be in harmony, meaning your account needs to be actively linked to Threads. This linkage is what enables the seamless integration of the badge in the first place and what will allow its recovery.
  • Undeniable Dependence: It's crucial to acknowledge that without fulfilling this requirement, the forthcoming steps aimed at unmasking the Threads badge on your Instagram profile will falter. This isn't just a formality; it's the thread that sews the process together, ensuring that the badge not only returns but remains functional and displays correctly on your profile.

Understanding and embracing this prerequisite lays the groundwork for a successful restoration of your Threads Badge. It ensures that you're not just going through the motions but actually paving the way for the badge to make its triumphant return to your Instagram profile.

Alternative Ways on Getting your Instagram Threads Badge

As of now, Instagram itself hasn't given any official way to get a hidden or deleted Threads badge back. That's left a lot of users on their own, trying to figure things out. Because of this, people have come up with their own ways to sort it out, even though Instagram doesn't exactly approve of these methods.

One of these ways is messing around with your profile settings in unique ways - like adding specific links to your profile (like we talked about earlier). However, you should be careful using these methods because Instagram doesn't officially approve of them. They might help you get your badge back, but they might also stop working if Instagram updates its app or changes its rules.

The bottom line is this: getting your Threads badge back without Instagram's help means trying out some quirky methods other users have found. As everyone figures this out together, we all learn a bit more about how Instagram and its features work.

My Experience Getting the Instagram Threads Badge Back

Trying to get my Instagram Threads badge back felt like going on a mini-adventure. I used the steps we talked about before, which felt a bit like discovering and trying out a secret trick.

I followed the instructions and added the special link to my profile. To my surprise, my Threads badge came back! It was really cool to see it work and made me feel a bit like a tech whiz.

Even though this method is a bit out of the ordinary and not officially recommended by Instagram, it worked for me. This whole thing showed me that sometimes you need to think outside the box and try something new to solve a problem. But, it's also a reminder to be careful, since these tricks might not always be in line with Instagram's rules.

All in all, finding a way to bring back the Threads badge in a not-so-typical way proves that sometimes, the community can come up with some pretty clever solutions. It's a fun reminder of how we can figure things out together and maybe even outsmart the system now and then.

Simple Ways on How to Bring Back Your Threads Badge on Instagram

Here’s a brief rundown for those seeking to restore their Instagram Threads badge:

Before You Start:

  • Make sure you have the URL for your Threads profile.

The Steps:

  • Open Instagram:

Launch the Instagram app.

Go to your profile.

  • Edit Profile:

Tap on 'Edit Profile' under your bio.

  • Add a Link:

Scroll to 'Links' and tap to add a new link.

Enter your Threads profile URL and title it appropriately.

After these steps, your Threads badge should reappear on your profile. Keep in mind, this method is crafted by users and isn't an official Instagram feature.

Wrap Up

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