How to Use the Instagram Crying Filter?


Today's blog post is particularly targeted at those who love to explore the fascinating world of Instagram filters. We're diving into the realm of emotion, with one of the most popular filters itself - the crying filter.


In the dynamic and immersive world of Instagram, filters are the game changers – tools that sprinkle a dash of fun and excitement to your images and videos and, yes, impress your followers! 

Today's blog post is particularly targeted at those who love to explore the fascinating world of Instagram filters. We're diving into the realm of emotion, with one of the most popular filters itself - the crying filter. Sounds melodramatic, right? Now, whether you aim to use it to express how touched you are by an overwhelming song or as a fun representation of being at the receiving end of a prank, 'the crying filter' offers a multitude of creative options for every Instagram user.

We will navigate the path of using this interactive filter, infusing emotion into your Instagram universe, and crafting posts and stories that truly stand out. So, buckle up as we set on our journey to unravel the mysteries of the Instagram Crying Filter, preaching 'how to' from basics to the expert level. Bring along your creativity and we promise this guide will surely have you and your followers ‘crying’ with either joy, empathy, or laughter!

Stay tuned and let's get started!

What is an Instagram Crying Filter?

The Instagram Crying Filter, often referred to as the Tear Filter, is a popular augmented reality effect found on the Instagram platform. This effect creates the illusion of the user crying without any emotions involved. 

The filter achieves this effect by displaying hyper-realistic tears streaming down the user's face, creating a visual simulating sadness or jubilation, depending on the context it's being used. Known for its high accuracy and realistic elements, the filter tracks facial movements efficiently, assuring that the tears stream in accordance with the user's movements.

Engaging, fun, and slightly dramatic, the Instagram Crying Filter has gained popularity among users for its unique blend of realistic and fun AR implementation. It propels Instagram's AR capacity beyond just beauty filters, and showcases a range of emotions users can choose to display. 

Like many other AR filters on Instagram, the Crying Filter is often used to enhance stories, reels, or live videos, adding an extra layer of expressivity and engagement. The reach and use of such filters signify the advancement of AR technology and its integration into social media platforms, illustrating how these platforms are continuously innovating to enhance user experience.

Why is Instagram Crying Filter popular on Instagram?

Instagram has launched hundreds of AR filters since its conception, but few have gained traction like the "Crying Filter". The crying filter, often used to express a range of emotions from sadness, to humor, or as a form of exaggerated expression, has become immensely popular among Instagram users. Here's why:

The Emotional Connection

Although Instagram is often viewed as a platform for individuals to share a curated version of their life, the introduction of the crying filter has allowed users to express a different kind of emotion, which is often concealed from social media. These sort of artificial tears offer them an alternative to express their feelings, whether it's sadness or just having a bad day.

Ideal for Memes and Humorous Content

Humor has a quintessential role in driving social media content to become viral. The crying filter, due to its exaggerated, cartoon-like tears, has been used invasively in funny meme content. This opportune use of the filter modulates a light-hearted tone, making what could be serious content seem amusing.

Artistic Value

The crying filter also holds artistic value for users, allowing them to explore new forms of artistic expression. The visual effects created by the filter can enhance ordinary selfies or videos, giving them a cinematically dramatic appeal.

Fostering Trends

Tempting challenges and trends have become central to many social media platforms. The crying filter has breathed life into several trending challenges, contributing to its popularity.

Easy to Use

Simplicity in the interface and user-friendliness have always been appreciated aspects of Instagram's design. The crying filter remains true to this ethos of user simplicity and doesn't require any prior knowledge for users to utilize effectively. Therefore, the ease of the filter’s application has attracted more users to experiment with it.

Steps on how to Use Instagram Crying Filter

Follow these steps to successfully use the Instagram Crying Filter:

Step 1:Launch the Instagram app

Instagram Crying Filter - Open Instagram

Sign in to your account if you haven't done so yet.

Step 2: Access the feed

Instagram Crying Filter - Click + Sign

Click on the '+' symbol located at the center of your Instagram feed.

Step 3: Choose 'Reel'

Instagram Crying Filter - Choose Reel

From the available options, pick the 'Reel' feature.

Step 4: Navigate to 'Effects'

Instagram Crying Filter - Navigate Effects

Right after selecting 'Reel', hit the 'Effects' button. Proceed to search for the 'Crying   Filter'.

Step 5: Select your preferred crying filter

Instagram Crying Filter - Choose Crying Filter

You're presented with a variety of crying filters. Choose the one that will best represent your emotions.

Step 6: Create your video content

Instagram Crying Filter - Make Your Video

Having chosen your preferred crying filter, it's now time to create your video.

Step 7; Start crafting your Instagram reel


Instagram Crying Filter - Click Next

Just like you always do, start making your Reel content. The moment you initiate the  Reel creation, the crying filter is added to your reel. Then click Next. 

Step 8:Share your reel

Instagram Crying Filter - Click Share

Once you're done creating your reel, you can now share it with your audience.

The crying filter has grown in popularity on Instagram as it helps users express their sad emotions creatively. This filter is only available for Reels; for Instagram stories, you would need to create a Reel with the crying filter and share it on your story.

Other Popular Filters on Instagram

Instagram isn't all about photos and videos. It's also about adding personality and creativity to those posts through the use of filters. They can transform simple photos into something unique and memorable. Here are some of the other popular filters that you can find on Instagram:

  1. Clarendon: This is the most-used Instagram photo filter, perfect for amplifying the colors in your pictures, making them vivid and high in contrast.
  2. Juno: It tends to add vividness to your images, makes the colors brighter, creates tints of cool tones and intensifies shadows. It's great for outdoor and lifestyle photos.
  3. Ludwig: This filter offers desaturation but with a hint of warmth. It's great for architecture or still life photos.
  4. Lark: If you have a photo that is slightly underexposed or needs a little more light, Lark is a great option. It brightens and enhances the photo’s colors.
  5. Gingham: This filter offers a vintage look by washing out the colors slightly and works beautifully on outdoor or style shots.
  6. Lo-Fi: Want to add vibrancy and a bit of dramatic shadow? Lo-fi is the right filter for you.
  7. Aden: This filter creates a warm pinkish hue over your photos, making them look nostalgic and delicate.
  8. Valencia: Known for its softening quality, it gives photos a lighter, brighter, and vintage look.
  9. Mayfair: This filter with a slight vignette warms up your photos and brightens the center, giving a professional finish.
  10. X-Pro II: For high contrast and saturation that brings details and colors to life, this filter is a great choice.

Remember, for more versatility in photos editing, Instagram also allows its users to manually adjust the filter's strength and other photo settings such as brightness, contrast, structure, warmth, saturation, color, fade, highlights, and shadows.

But most importantly, filters should never govern the content of your photo. They should be used to enhance the story that your photo tells, not change it. The most amazing Instagram photos are those that capture a unique, original and compelling view of the world.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Instagram crying filter?

The Instagram crying filter is a fun, creative tool available on Instagram stories and reels, which adds virtual tears to your eyes, giving the appearance of crying.

Can I use the Instagram crying filter with both photos and videos?

Yes, you can use the crying filter to create both photos and videos in Instagram Stories.

How do I apply the crying filter to my selfie?

After you've selected the crying filter, follow these steps:

  1. Point the camera at your face.
  2. Tap on the screen for better facial recognition.
  3. The filter should be applied automatically, and virtual tears should appear on your face.
  4. Tap the shutter button to take a photo or press and hold it to record a video.

Can I use the crying filter with my friends in the shot?

Yes, the crying filter can be used with multiple faces in the frame. The filter should automatically detect each person's face, adding virtual tears to everyone's eyes.

How can I share the crying filter with my friends on Instagram?

After creating a story using the crying filter, tap the "Send to" button, and select your friends or groups to share the story privately. You may also post it on your own Instagram story for all your followers to view.

How do I get more filters similar to the crying filter on Instagram?

By exploring the Effects Gallery (tap on the magnifying glass icon), you can discover and save various creative filters created by other Instagram users, similar to the crying filter. Follow creators you like to stay updated with any new filters they release.


To sum it all up, the Instagram crying filter is a fun and innovative feature that adds flavor to your stories and posts. Its uncomplicated interface makes it accessible and easy to use, even for individuals not well-versed in technology.

It allows you to express emotions in a visually engaging manner. Whether it's a self-deprecating joke, dramatic story, or cute post, this filter can make any everyday moment witty and eye-catching. It's also a creative way to interact with your followers and spice up your regular posts or stories.

Remember that the Instagram platform is continuously updating with new features and filters. Thus, make sure you regularly check for updates to enjoy new experiences and trends. Share your emotions, connect with your audience, and have fun with all these features, and most importantly, with the Instagram crying filter.