How You Can Hide Followers on Instagram?


In this article, we will unpack everything you need to know about preserving privacy on Instagram, delving deep into the 'Hide Followers on Instagram' feature.


In today's digital age, social media platforms have become crucial parts of our daily lives. They serve as virtual windows into our interests, hobbies, relationships, and even our routines. Instagram, one of the most popular platforms, is a visual diary that captures these aspects perfectly. 

While it's fascinating to share your world with others, there are times when you may wish for greater privacy. This has made many users curious about how they can control their follower visibility. And, for the sake of their peace of mind, Instagram makes it possible! Hence, here's an in-depth look into how you can 'Hide Followers on Instagram'.

You may desire a more private online sphere, more controlled interactions, or simply wish to update your privacy settings for the sheer experience. Regardless of the reason, mastering control over your followers list visibility is an essential step towards a personalized Instagram experience. In this article, we will unpack everything you need to know about preserving privacy on Instagram, delving deep into the 'Hide Followers on Instagram' feature.

Buckle up and join us on this journey to learn the nitty-gritty of Instagram privacy and take the reins of your online presence.

What does 'Hide Followers on Instagram' Mean?

When we talk about 'hiding followers on Instagram', we're referring to the process by which Instagram users make their list of followers invisible to other users. As opposed to the default setting, which is public visibility, when you 'hide' your followers, other people would no longer be able to see who is following your account.

There can be multiple reasons why some users want to hide their followers. Many people value their online privacy and wish to maintain certain boundaries. For instance, a popular Instagram user might want to protect their followers from unnecessary attention, or anyone might want to keep their social circles private for personal or professional reasons.

There are also practical reasons, such as preventing spam followers or avoiding intrusive businesses from targeting your follower list for marketing purposes. Some users prefer hiding their followers to maintain a more exclusive feel to their Instagram account.

Remember, privacy is an important aspect of online safety. It's always okay to take steps to protect your Instagram account and make it a space you feel comfortable with.

Why You May Want to Hide Your Followers on Instagram?

There are several reasons why users might want to hide their followers on Instagram. Here, we'll discuss some of these reasons in detail.

Keeping Personal Life Private

Some people wish to keep their personal lives separate from their online presence. By hiding their followers, users can maintain a sense of privacy and retain control over who sees the connections they have on Instagram.

Avoiding Unwanted Attention

A large or growing follower list can sometimes attract unwanted attention from strangers, trolls, or even individuals with malicious intent. Hiding your followers can help you avoid such attention and minimize the risk of online harassment.

Professional Reasons

Many users use Instagram for professional purposes, showcasing their work or promoting their business. Hiding followers allows these users to present a refined image to potential clients or employers, enabling them to focus on the content and avoid distractions caused by follower lists.

Preventing Spam Followers

Having a visible follower list also attracts spam accounts and bots, which might try to take advantage of your genuine followers by sending them spam messages or promotional content. By hiding your followers, you decrease the chances of your followers receiving spam or being targeted by unwanted accounts.

Other Reasons

Some users prefer to maintain a sense of exclusivity with their accounts, and hiding their followers can help establish that image. Others may wish to prevent stalkers or ill-intentioned users from gaining access to the list of people they interact with on Instagram.

Ways to Hide Followers on Instagram Indirectly

As Instagram does not currently allow you to directly hide your followers, alternative methods that ensure a certain level of privacy can be employed instead. These methods are based around the use of a private account and managing specific followers, either by blocking or removing them.

Through a Private Account:

A private account ensures that only your approved followers can see your posts and follower list.

How to Make Your Instagram Account Private:

  • Launch the Instagram app, then find your profile.

Hide Followers on Instagram - Profile

  • Tap on the three horizontal lines (on Android) or three horizontal lines with a gear icon (on iOS) in the top-right corner 

Hide Followers on Instagram - Three horizontal line

  • Then access your Settings and Privacy.

Hide Followers on Instagram - Settings and Privacy

  • Open the "Account Privacy" 

Hide Followers on Instagram - Account Privacy

  • Toggle on the "Private Account" option.

Hide Followers on Instagram - Private Account

Effects on Follower Visibility After Making the Account Private:

Once your account is set to private, your list of followers and your posts will be visible only to those who already follow you and those whose follow requests you approve in the future. Note that previous followers will still have access unless manually removed or blocked.

Blocking Unwanted Followers:

For specific followers that you don't want on your list, you can choose to block them.

Step-by-step Process of Blocking Followers:

  • Visit the follower's profile you want to block.

Hide Followers on Instagram - Followers Profile

  • The three dots can be tapped in the top-right corner.

Hide Followers on Instagram - Three dots

  • Select "Block."

Hide Followers on Instagram - Block

Removing Followers:

The feature to remove followers is particularly useful when you don’t want to block someone but still don’t want them to follow your updates.

Steps on How To Remove Followers:

  • Open your profile and tap on "Followers."

Hide Followers on Instagram - Followers

  • Find the follower you want to remove 

Hide Followers on Instagram - Find Account to Remove

  • Select "Remove."

Hide Followers on Instagram - Remove Account

Remember that both blocking and removing followers are actions that the follower will not be notified of but might notice if they actively check your profile or if they realize they stop getting updates about your Instagram activities.

Benefits and Drawbacks of hiding followers on Instagram

There are benefits and drawbacks when it comes to hiding followers on Instagram. It is recommended to weigh these factors to make an informed decision that best suits your online environment.


  1. Privacy: By hiding followers, users can prevent others from gaining access to their personal information and potentially identifying their relationships and connections.
  2. Professional Image:Retaining a professional image is essential for people and companies using Instagram as a marketing tool. Keeping followers private can help your account appear organized and business-oriented.
  3. Control Over Interactions: When you restrict a follower, it helps you hide that person's comments, likes, and direct messages without notifying them, affording you more control over your interaction.


  1. Hampers Growth: Making your profile private or hiding your followers may potentially hinder your account's growth. Instagram growth strategies often rely on visibility through hashtags and explore page features, both of which become inaccessible with a private account.
  2. No Direct Method: As discussed earlier, Instagram does not currently provide a direct function to hide your followers, making the process slightly inconvenient and less effective.
  3. Can Become Inclusive: Hiding followers or having a private account can make your profile appear more exclusive, which might deter potential new followers or make existing ones feel singled out.

Each Instagram user has different needs and preferences, so it's up to each individual to decide if the advantages outweigh the downsides or vice versa.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I hide my Instagram followers?

Unfortunately, Instagram does not have a built-in feature to hide your followers from your profile. As of now, anyone who visits your profile can view the list of your followers and the accounts you follow.

Can I hide the accounts I'm following?

You can't directly hide the accounts you're following either. However, you can create a Close Friends list to share content with a specific group of people privately. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Open Instagram and go to your profile.
  2. In the top-right corner, tap the menu icon (three horizontal lines).
  3. Add people to your list by tapping "Close Friends".

Is there any way to make my Instagram account more private?

Yes, you can set your Instagram account to private. By doing so, only your followers will be able to see your posts and stories. People who want to follow you will have to send a follow request, which you can either approve or decline. To enable this setting:

  1. Open Instagram and go to your profile.
  2. Tap the menu icon (three horizontal lines) in the top-right corner.
  3. Select "Settings and Privacy."
  4. Toggle the “Private Account” switch to the "ON" position.

Please note that making your account private doesn't hide your follower list.

Can I remove or block specific followers?

Yes, you can remove or block specific followers. Follow these steps to unfollow someone:

  1. Open Instagram, and go to your profile.
  2. Tap "Followers" and search for the follower you'd like to remove.
  3. Tap the three-dot icon next to their name and select "Remove."

To block a follower:

  1. Visit the user's profile that you want to block.
  2. Tap the three-dot icon in the top-right corner.
  3. Select "Block."

Can I keep certain Instagram followers from seeing my stories?

You can hide your Instagram Stories from specific followers without removing or blocking them. Here's how:

  1. Open Instagram, and go to your profile.
  2. Tap the menu icon (three horizontal lines) in the top-right corner.
  3. Select "Settings and"Privacy."
  4. Tap "Story" and choose "Hide Story From."
  5. Select the followers you want to hide your Stories from, then tap "Done."

Remember that these options don't fully hide your followers' list but offer some control over your privacy on Instagram.


It's safe to say that the act of managing social visibility is an essential part of our modern digital lives. Privacy is a valued commodity, and platforms like Instagram are constantly adapting to this need. However, while Instagram provides a set of privacy options, it currently doesn't offer a direct way to hide your followers or the list of people you're following.

Even though there is no straightforward way to hide followers on Instagram, the available workarounds, such as switching to a private account or removing followers, will certainly enhance the privacy you seek. Remember, a public Instagram account is just that - public, and true privacy is only achieved by controlling who can access your profile.

The responsibility for social media privacy lies not just with the platform but equally with the user. Constant vigilance, such as careful management of your followers and following list, periodic privacy settings inspection, and intuitive use of blocking/reporting features can definitely go a long way in maintaining online safety. Crucially, always think twice before sharing any sensitive information.

In the meantime, we'll keep our fingers crossed, hoping Instagram adds a feature to hide followers in the near future. Instagram has made many impressive strides over the years, and it's not too far-fetched to assume that a feature like this might pop up soon.

Ultimately, having control over our digital footprints is empowering. With the right strategies, you can ensure that your Instagram experience remains enjoyable, private, and above all, secure.