Is tiktok following in order?


I can't tell you how many times a day I've been asked, "Is TikTok following in order?" This is a question that I see asked in chat rooms, on social media, and even at trendy coffee shops.


Well, it seems as if curiosity about TikTok's mechanisms has reached a critical mass. So as a social media enthusiast and self-proclaimed tech nerd, I've taken it upon myself to dig into this intriguing query.


Considering how downright addictive TikTok has become, it's no surprise that we're all obsessing over its intricate details. Whether it's the zeitgeist-capturing trends, the catchy tracks, or the undeniable convenience, TikTok sure knows how to keep its users hooked! But beneath all these engaging layers, questions arise about its algorithms and, specifically, how the whole 'following' mechanism works.


So, get ready as we put our Sherlock hats on and dive straight into solving the mystery that's left everyone scratching their heads - Is TikTok following in order? Let's decode this together, shall we? Buckle up, because things are about to get techie!

Underlying Order of TikTok Follower's List

Here, we delve into the structure and system behind TikTok's follower list. Understanding this concept is beneficial for TikTok users and creators who want to get the best out of their TikTok experiences.

Order of TikTok's Following and Follower List

TikTok followers list is not as straightforward as it appears. It does not follow a simple chronological order, where the latest follower is at the top, this can be complex and confusing for some users.

  1. Chronological Order for Recent Followers:
    Initially, new followers appear at the top of your follower list, reflecting a reverse chronological order. This order maintains until one interacts more extensively with their account, either by checking out their profile or their content.
  2. Influence of Interaction:
    Once you interact with a follower's content or visit their page, the order reshuffles. The users you interact with move up the list, indicating that TikTok's algorithm places a significant emphasis on interaction.
  3. The Role of Popularity:
    Highly engaging and popular users also tend to feature higher up on your follower list, even if they weren't one of the recent followers. This suggests that TikTok encourages interactivity and engagement with popular content.

Reasons Behind TikTok's Chronological Ordering System

Let's explore the reasons why TikTok uses this flexible system rather than fixed chronological order.

  1. Providing Relevant Content:
    TikTok's order is designed to provide relevant content to users. By pushing followers with whom you have interacted or are popular to the top of your follower list, TikTok increases the likelihood that you'll interact with their content — boosting engagement on the app.
  2. Enhancing User Experience:
    TikTok's unique order is tailored to enhance your user experience. It takes into account the profiles and content you have interacted with before and surfaces similar ones, creating a personalized and engaging feed.
  3. Encouraging Engagement:
    This ordering system incentivizes creators to create exciting content that garners interaction. It also motivates users to engage more with the app. Hence, pushing up engagement metrics, which reflects positively on TikTok's potential for advertisers.

Understanding the order of TikTok's follower list can be handy, especially for those who aspire to increase their following and engagement rates on the app. Knowing how the system works can help create effective strategies to maximize visibility and impact.

Strategies for Altering Your TikTok Following List

Growing and managing your Following list on TikTok is easy, but sometimes, you might want to alter or organize the list to better cater to your content viewing preferences. This guide will help you navigate through two primary areas: The steps to reorder your TikTok Following list and the limitations of altering this list.

Steps to Reorder the Following List in TikTok

While TikTok currently doesn't offer a direct feature to reorder the Following list, there are indirect methods to create some degree of organization. Following these steps can help you better manage your TikTok Following list.

  1. Unfollowing and Refollowing Accounts: If you want to prioritize certain users, unfollow and immediately unfollow them. TikTok's algorithm will acknowledge the recent activity and is likely to show you their content more immediately.
  2. Regular Interaction: Regularly interact with the profiles you are more interested in. Engage by liking, commenting, and sharing their content often. This activity influences TikTok's algorithm to give those profiles priority in your feed and the Following list.
  3. Using the Favorites feature: Although this doesn't technically reorder your Following list, using the 'Add to Favorites' option helps to group your preferred content, acting as a personalized list.

Limitations in Changing TikTok's Following List Order

Unfortunately, TikTok doesn't offer a built-in feature to reorder your Following list. Users are at the mercy of the application's algorithm, which arranges the list based on various factors like the most recent people followed, frequent interaction profiles, etc.

Here are some of the limitations:

  1. No Manual Reordering: TikTok's Following List does not permit any manual reordering or organization based on alphabetical order, genre, or preference.
  2. Algorithm Dependence: The display order of your following list depends heavily on TikTok's algorithm, where profiles you interact with often or recently followed are placed higher in your following list.
  3. Immutable Followed Order: When you initially follow a batch of accounts, they appear in your following list in reverse order (the most recent follow at the top). This order is fixed and doesn't change until you unfollow and refollow them.

These limitations notwithstanding, TikTok is a dynamic app, known for its user-driven features. So, one can remain hopeful for more organizational tools soon. Until then, use the indirect methods mentioned above to manage your TikTok Following list better.

Managing Your TikTok Followers

Managing your followers on TikTok involves a number of possible strategies, from promoting engagement and interaction to maintaining your privacy. TikTok's privacy settings can play a crucial part in how you handle your followers.

Advantages of a Private Account on TikTok

A private account on TikTok comes with several advantages which enhance user’s control and privacy.

  1. Control Over Viewer List: With a private account, only people who you have approved to follow you can see your content. This gives you full control and ensures a level of privacy.
  2. Limited Commenting: Only your approved followers can comment on your videos, reducing the risk of negative or harmful feedback.
  3. Prevents Shared Content: A private setting restricts your followers from sharing your videos with others outside your follower list.
  4. User Interaction: User interaction is more tailored to your preferences. You can engage with your followers on a more personal level.

Process to Make a TikTok Account Private

Here is a step-by-step guide to make your TikTok account private.

  • Start by opening the TikTok app. After doing so, navigate to your profile page which is generally found at the rightmost part of the bottom navigation bar.

Is tiktok following in order - Open Tiktok

  • In the upper right corner of the profile page, you'll notice a three-line icon. Locate and select this icon to access more options.

Is tiktok following in order - Click three horizontal line

  • A dropdown menu would appear once you tap on the three-line icon. This menu houses various settings and individual privacy options. From these available selections, choose "Settings and privacy" to further adjust your account parameters.

Is tiktok following in order - Settings and Privacy

  • After choosing "Settings and privacy", continue with the process by clicking next on "Privacy". This option can be found down the list in this section.

Is tiktok following in order - Click Privacy

  • As you delve deeper into privacy settings, you'll find more granular control options for your account. Keep on scrolling until you spot the "Following list". Select this option to make changes to who can view your following list.

Is tiktok following in order - Click Following List

  • For the last step, choose the "Only Me" option. This ensures that only you can see who you're following, providing you with the privacy you might require for your TikTok profile.

Is tiktok following in order - Select Only Me

Note: By making your account private, only your current followers and people you approve can view your videos and follow you. Your existing followers can be removed through your follower list.

Navigating Through Your TikTok Following and Followers List

TikTok, with its increasing global prominence, has become a go-to platform for content creators, brands, and regular users. Understanding your followers and who you are following can help strategize your content creation and engagement. This guide will provide insights into the process of navigating through your TikTok following and followers list, and analyzing them for engagement and growth strategies.

Process to Check Your TikTok Following and Followers List

  • Open the App: The first thing to do is to launch the TikTok application. It's usually represented by a black icon with a white music note in the center.
  • Navigate to Profile: After launching the app, go to your profile page by tapping the "Me" icon located in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Check your Following List: On the profile page, next to your username, you will see two figures. The first figure represents the number of users you are following. Tap on it to open your "Following" list, where you can view all the users you follow on the platform.

Is tiktok following in order - Navigate Following List

Is tiktok following in order - Following List

  • Check your Followers List: The second figure represents the number of followers you have. By clicking this, you will be able to view the list of all your TikTok followers.


Is tiktok following in order - Followers List


Analyzing the List for Engagement and Growth Strategies

  1. Identify Engagement: Underneath each of your followers' usernames, TikTok shows how many likes their videos have received. Use this to identify users who are more likely to engage with your videos.
  2. Strive for Balance: Ideally, the ratio of 'following' to 'followers' should be balanced. If you're following significantly more than those following you, it may sometimes be seen as desperate, so follow wisely.
  3. Check Content of Those You Follow: Go through the profiles of those you are following. Check their content and engagement. It can give ideas about what's trending or what type of content gets more engagements.
  4. Gain Insights from Followers: Another strategy is to analyze the profiles of your most active followers. If you notice any commonalities such as content type or demographic traits, try to incorporate more of what they seem to enjoy into your content strategy.
  5. Engage with Your Followers: If you want to increase your follower count, take the time to engage with them! Responding to comments, liking, and sharing their videos, or even following them back can encourage more users to follow you.

By regularly checking and properly navigating through your TikTok following and followers list, you can effectively strategize your content creation and understand how to leverage your interaction for growth.


In conclusion, the question of whether TikTok follows are in order is multifaceted. While the social media platform does not publicly disclose the specifics of its algorithm, it is clear that a myriad of factors determines the order of TikTok followers. These can range from the chronology of followers, frequency of interaction, mutual followers, among others. Its chief aim, it seems, is to enhance user engagement and to make the user experience as smooth and as enjoyable as possible.

What is certain is that as a user, it should not concern you much about the order of your followers. Rather, the main focus should be on producing appealing, engaging, and high-quality content. It is paramount to remember that it's the creativity, originality, and relatability of your content that compels users to follow you on TikTok, and not the order of your followers.

The constantly evolving algorithms of social media platforms like TikTok, call upon users to stay up-to-date with trends and to learn how to capitalize on them. As much as the ordering of followers is interesting to note, becoming a seasoned creator might require more than understanding follower dynamics. As we move forward, perhaps TikTok will, like other platforms, offer more clarity on its algorithms, giving users more insights into the inner workings of follower order and engagement.