What is reddit gold used for?


One concept that Reddit users might frequently come across, especially if they spend a lot of time on the site, is "Reddit Gold" – a premium membership program that offers a set of enhanced features compared to regular, free Reddit usage.


Established in 2005, Reddit has become one of the most popular online communities, known for its extensive range of topics, informative discussions, and vibrant user interaction. It is rightfully known as the "front page of the internet." The site allows people worldwide to post news, share content, and initiate in-depth discussions on a myriad of topics, from politics and technology to entertainment and personal experiences.


One concept that Reddit users might frequently come across, especially if they spend a lot of time on the site, is "Reddit Gold" – a premium membership program that offers a set of enhanced features compared to regular, free Reddit usage.


The existence and usage of Reddit Gold not only enriches user activities on the site but also helps fund the platform's functionality and growth, ensuring its continuous operation. This blog post aims to shed some light on what Reddit Gold is used for and why it might be something worth considering for keen Reddit users.

Understanding Reddit Gold

As you delve deeper into the Reddit universe, beyond the everyday posts, comments, and interactions, you will likely encounter a term - Reddit Gold. Described by some as the "golden ticket" for this platform, Reddit Gold carries a significant level of importance and a suite of added functionalities. 


In this section, we will demystify Reddit Gold, exploring what it is, how you can obtain it, and the advantages it brings to your Reddit experience. Prepare to expand your Reddit knowledge as we understand the true value of Reddit Gold.

Definition of Reddit Gold

Reddit Gold is a premium membership program on the popular online community and social news website Reddit. It is a way for users to support the site and show appreciation for other users' contributions. 

Reddit Gold is awarded to users for their valuable contributions to the community, such as creating original content, providing helpful and insightful comments, or simply being an active and positive member of the community. It can also be given as a gift from one user to another as a token of appreciation.

Having Reddit Gold membership grants users access to special features and perks on the site, such as ad-free browsing, access to a special subreddit for Gold members, the ability to customize their avatar, and discounts on partner websites.

Reddit Gold is purchased with real money, and the funds go towards supporting the site and keeping it running. It is a way for Reddit users to financially support the platform while rewarding others for their contributions.

Overall, Reddit Gold is a way for the community to recognize and reward valuable contributions, and for users to support the site financially. 

How to Obtain Reddit Gold

There are two primary ways to obtain Reddit Gold: purchasing it or earning it.

Purchasing: Users may opt to buy Reddit Gold for themselves. This subscription-based service can be bought monthly or annually, with varying rates depending on the length of policy.

Earning: Reddit Gold can also be awarded to users by other members of the community. This typically happens when one user appreciates another user's post or comment so much, they decide to reward them with Reddit Gold. This not only gives the recipient access to premium features of Reddit but also serves as a sign of recognition among the community.

It's worth noting that receiving Reddit Gold as a gift for a comment or a post gives you access to the premium features for a limited period of one month.

Features and Benefits of Reddit Gold

Reddit Gold is a premium membership feature on the popular social media platform Reddit. It offers various exclusive features and benefits for its users, including:


1. Ad-free browsing: Gold members can browse Reddit without seeing any sponsored posts or advertisements, providing a more seamless and uninterrupted user experience.
2. Access to the exclusive lounge: Gold members gain access to an exclusive subreddit called "The Lounge," where they can interact with other Gold members and participate in discussions and activities unique to this community.
3. Custom themes: Gold members can customize the appearance of their Reddit interface by choosing from a selection of custom themes, allowing them to personalize their browsing experience.
4. New comment highlighting: Gold members can see new comments on a post since the last time they visited, making it easier to track new activity on their favorite posts.
5. Notifications for username mentions: Gold members receive notifications when other users mention their username in a comment, helping them stay engaged and respond to interactions more efficiently.


1. Supporting Reddit: As a paid membership, Reddit Gold directly supports the platform and helps fund its ongoing development and maintenance, contributing to the sustainability of the community.
2. Recognition and prestige: Gold members are easily identifiable by a golden badge displayed next to their username, signifying their premium status and demonstrating their commitment to the Reddit community.
3. Exclusive perks and rewards: Gold members may receive periodic perks and rewards from Reddit, such as discounts on merchandise or access to beta features, enhancing their overall Reddit experience.
4. Community engagement: The exclusive features of Reddit Gold foster a sense of community and camaraderie among its members, providing a more intimate and immersive social experience on the platform.
Overall, Reddit Gold offers a range of features and benefits that enhance the user experience and provide added value to those who choose to invest in a premium membership. 

How Users Can Utilize Reddit Gold

In this section, we will uncover the myriad ways users can utilize Reddit Gold, from redeeming and leveraging premium features to understanding its role within the Reddit ecosystem, including insights on gifting, exchange value, and its relation to Reddit Coins. Let us guide you in unlocking the true potential of Reddit Gold and how it can enhance your journey through this intricate social landscape.

Redeeming and Using Reddit Gold

When a user receives Reddit Gold, they can redeem it through a notification in their inbox. Once redeemed, the unlocked features become accessible to the user for the duration of their premium subscription period. You can also purchase Reddit Gold for yourself or gift it to other users to enhance their Reddit experience.

Unlocking Premium Features Using Reddit Gold

Reddit Gold unlocks numerous premium features for subscribers, including ad-free browsing, access to r/lounge subreddit, access to enhanced customization options, and more. These features improve the overall user experience and provide additional conveniences for users.

Enhancing User Experience with Reddit Gold

By subscribing to Reddit Gold, users can enjoy a more personalized and improved Reddit experience. The additional benefits, like remembering to read posts across devices, more comments per page, and exclusive access to premium subreddits, significantly elevate the user's engagement on the platform.

Benefits of Gifting Reddit Gold

When users give Reddit Gold to others, they not only provide them with premium features but also promote high-quality content by showing appreciation for valuable contributions. This act fosters a sense of camaraderie and goodwill within the community.

Exchange Value of Reddit Gold and Its Significance

Reddit Gold holds an exchange value as Reddit Coins, which can be gifted to other users as awards for their content or comments. This encourages a cycle of rewarding and recognizing outstanding contributions, promoting a positive and engaged community.

How Does Reddit Gold Relate to Reddit Premium and Reddit Coins?

Reddit Gold was rebranded as Reddit Premium in late 2018. The features remain the same, but the name was changed. Reddit Coins, on the other hand, are digital tokens that can be used to give awards to other users. Reddit Premium subscribers typically receive a monthly allotment of Reddit Coins.

Comparing Reddit Gold, Reddit Premium, and Reddit Coins

Reddit Gold and Reddit Premium are synonymous. However, Reddit Coins are digital tokens used as a currency for giving awards within the platform.

Understanding the Interactions between Gold Award and Reddit Coins

Reddit Coins can be spent on Gold Awards (or other award tiers) to acknowledge and encourage quality content or comments. When users receive a Gold Award, they gain access to premium features for a limited time, thereby promoting a cycle of rewarding and positive engagement within the community.

Role of Reddit Gold and Premium Subscription in the Mod Community

Moderators who hold Reddit Gold or have a Premium subscription can access exclusive tools to enhance their moderating experience and enjoy Reddit's ad-free and enhanced browsing features as they work to maintain and manage their subreddits.

Repercussions of Giving Reddit Gold within the Subreddit Environment

Gifting Reddit Gold within a subreddit can lead to increased engagement, incentivized high-quality contributions, and a sense of community appreciation. It helps foster a vibrant subreddit environment where users are motivated to contribute positively.

Integration of Platinum Award and Its Impact on Reddit Users

The Platinum Award, which sits above the Gold Award in the Reddit award hierarchy, has a more significant impact on recipients. Receiving a Platinum Award comes with an increased amount of Reddit Coins and a longer duration of premium features access, further enhancing the user experience and encouraging top-tier contributions.

Reddit Gold vs. Reddit Premium

In actuality, Reddit Gold and Reddit Premium are the same things; it's just a matter of name change made by Reddit. Previously, the premium subscription service offered by Reddit was known as "Reddit Gold." However, it was rebranded as "Reddit Premium" in late 2018.

Despite the name change, the features and benefits offered remained the same, providing users with an ad-free browsing experience, access to the exclusive subreddit r/lounge, more comments per page, remembering read posts across devices, and the ability to give awards. Moreover, users also receive monthly Reddit Coins as part of the subscription – the amount depends on the type of subscription.

Whether Reddit Premium (formerly known as Reddit Gold) is worth the price really depends on the individual user. For those who spend a significant amount of time on Reddit and want to enhance their experience with added features and benefits while supporting the platform, Reddit Premium is certainly worth considering. For casual users, the regular, free usage of Reddit might suffice.

The Impact of Reddit Gold on the Community

In this section, we will explore the vital impact of Reddit Gold from two perspectives – the individual user's viewpoint and the platform's standpoint – and investigate how it helps shape Reddit into the vibrant, engaging community it is today. Let's dive into understanding the far-reaching influence of Reddit Gold on the Reddit community.

User's Perspective

From a user's perspective, Reddit Gold truly enhances their experience and interaction on the site. The ad-free browsing promises a less cluttered and more focused reading experience. Access to the exclusive r/lounge subreddit provides them with a kind of VIP status, amplifying the sense of community and exclusivity.

The ability to award other user's posts incentivizes the production of high-quality content and encourages healthy discussion, while the ability to view more comments on a page and sync activity between devices boosts user convenience. These features, together with the customization options, improve overall user experience to a greater extent.

Platform's Perspective

From the platform's perspective, Reddit Gold serves as a significant finance stream that supports the site's development and maintenance. It provides a means for regular users to contribute to the platform's monetization, helping to ensure Reddit remains a free service for the wider community.

In addition, Reddit Gold also acts as a tool for the platform to recognize and reward distinguished user behavior, thereby helping maintain a high standard of community interaction and encouraging the production of quality content.

Overall, Reddit Gold plays a crucial role in maintaining a sustainable platform that fosters a robust and engaging community.


Reddit Gold, now called Reddit Premium, is a subscription-based service offered by Reddit that provides users with a cornucopia of added features and benefits, enhancing the users' overall experience. From ad-free browsing and access to the exclusive subreddit r/lounge to the ability to give awards, view more comments, and remember to read posts across devices, Reddit Gold substantially elevates the platform's usability.

Beyond individual benefits, Reddit Gold plays a critical role on a broader scale as it acts as a financial support for Reddit's development and maintenance, ensuring its service remains accessible for wider community users.

In terms of the value proposition, whether or not Reddit Gold is worth it greatly depends on how a user interacts with the platform. For regular users who spend a lot of time on Reddit, Reddit Gold can definitely enhance their browsing experience and interaction within the community. It also gives them an opportunity to contribute financially to the platform they enjoy so much. For casual visitors, the free version of Reddit might be sufficient.

Personally, if you find yourself spending quite some time on Reddit, wanting to delve deeper, engage more with the community, and wouldn't mind an ad-free and enhanced experience, investing in Reddit Gold could certainly be worth it.