WordPress Plugins that will make you money


Making money from a blog is difficult, especially at the start. In this post, we are presenting WordPress Plugins that will help with that.


Easy Digital Downloads

This plugin allows you to earn money with your digital content – be it e-books, audio, digital art. Anything that can be downloaded can be restricted and sold through your WordPress site.

Creating digital content is not only a great way to monetize your site, it also helps engage your audience and collect e-mail addresses. There is almost not blog which does not have the essential content that could get packaged as an e-book, so this is an option for almost any blog.

Paid Memberships Pro

This plugin allows you to set up memberships on your site, sell them on a recurring basis, and restrict content based on subscription levels.

It can be hard to ask your existing readers to pay for your content, but with a clever strategy and the right niche, it may work out.

If you can make it work, this plugin seems to have anything you could wish for: Be it trial periods, promotions, analytics - they seem to truly have it all.

Intravert for WordPress

Well, this is us. We're not exactly excited about the current state of ads: If you are running ads on your blog, they most likely look bad, are badly targeted, don't fit in, and don't really pay you a fortune.

Our platform lets you serve native ads (that means they will fit right into your website, not a simple image banner!) that work like a billboard. They appear with a custom message when they aren't booked, and people can pay you to get their ads shown on their side. You're always in charge in that progress - you decide what gets displayed and what doesn't.

What does that mean for you? More thoughtful ads that fit into your site, and more money in your pockets. Our publishers have experienced revenue increases of up to 100x compared to their old AdSense setups.


The classic. If you have *anything* to sell, be it physical or digital, you should be able to do so using WooCommerce.

This plugin is so big, it has its own plugin store and set of plugins. This lets you connect to dropshippers, to printing stores, to your logistic software - anything.

And even though this plugin is so extensive – if you're looking to just sell an e-book or two, that's totally fine too.

Easy Affiliate Links

Have you heard of Affiliate Marketing? This marketing method consists of sellers offering you a provision for every sale you get them. That may be a few cents, a few dollars, or a fixed percentage of the sales price.

To track this, you need to link to these services using your personalized link. We're not going deeper into the science behind this here, but this plugin allows you to store, track and shorten these personalized links, so you can add them to any blog post you want.

Affiliate Marketing can be a powerful monetization tool long-term. Especially for highly-priced services, you can earn beyond $200 per referral, or life-time fees of $1000s.

Easy Google AdSense

So you want to have it easy? This plugin will simply place some AdSense spots in your blog posts. Google will track your visitors and show them what they could like. You get paid a small sum per 1000 impressions usually.

For some blogs, this is profitable. AdSense pays up to $3 to $5 per mile (1000 impressions) for many blogs, sometimes lower, sometimes higher. If you're receiving 100,000 impressions every month, that's $300 on your hand!

Then again, if you own a blog at that site, you're probably better off selling sponsorships.