Welcome to Intravert’s documentation!

Ad Types

Out of the box, Intravert offers three different types of ad spaces.

  • Text Ad
  • Image Ad
  • Image & Text Ad

The names are quite self-explanatory, but we’re going to go in-depth on them anyways.

Text Ads

Text Ads are quite simple. If somebody purchases an ad space, they will be able to specify a short, catchy message, which will then be displayed on the chosen medium.

Text Ad can be an effective way to seamlessly integrate an ad space in Blogs, Newsletters, and other text-heavy mediums.

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Image Ads

Image Ads are the traditional way of serving banner ads, just like you’d get them from Google AdSense.

Advertisers are meant to submit an eye-catching (but not intrusive) banner image, which will then get displayed on your site.

In the review step, make sure that the image will fit into your site!

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Image & Text Ads

This type of ad is the most successful one, with an image but also a a personal text delivered. This creates a visually pleasing but highly eye-catching ad.

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Space Designs

The Intravert ad serving has been built with customizability in mind. The spaces are therefore meant to be designed so that it fits seamlessly into our page flow. If you’re still looking to get a good starting point, or don’t want to write any CSS, we’re providing a few space designs for you.

Important: If you need some custom CSS done, feel free to reach out to us!


This is the classic banner design, it fits seamlessly into sidebar or your content, and is therefore the most popular option when it comes to our ad spaces.

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Sticky Box

The Sticky Box is a real eye catcher, as it will always be on top of your content!

Before deploying this, make sure that it doesn’t block any of your content!

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When you create a new ad space, you automatically get the code needed for integration shown on your dashboard. However, there’s more to integration than that: You might need to write custom CSS to make the ad space fully integrate with your site.

Empty State

When there is no ad purchased, your ad space will be delivered as follows.

<div class="intravert-space space-available" id="space-ID">
    <span class="placeholder-text">This will be your text!</span>
    <a class="placeholder_button" href="THE_URL">Purchase</a>

Based on your settings and chosen styles, there might get be classes added and/or styles applied. The hierarchy stays the same though.

Purchased State

Since your ads won’t get purchased right away, it’s important to mock your corresponding ad space. For this, you can copy one of the codeblocks below and apply your own styles to it. Above, you can also check out our demos, which can help you get a feel for the ad spaces.

If you need help with the integration - again, don’t hesitate to reach out!

<a class="intravert-space-link space-mode-text" href="YOUR_URL">
    <div class="intravert-space">
        <span class="booking-text">Your text would belong here!</span>

<a class="intravert-space-link space-mode-img" href="YOUR_URL">
    <div class="intravert-space">
        <img class="booking-image" src="<SOME IMG>">

<a class="intravert-space-link space-mode-imgtext" href="YOUR_URL">
    <div class="intravert-space">
        <img class="booking-image" src="<SOME IMG>">
        <span class="booking-text">Your text would belong here!</span>

Please note: Based on your settings, classes might get added here and styles might get applied, those will be analogous for the open / purchased state though, so you can play around with it!


In this paragraph, I’d like to describe the way we serve your newly added ad spaces, so that you know how to even further customize and personalize them.

The deferred JavaScript file that you are prompted to include, gets dynamically served by our web server. That means that the JavaScript file will request the current booking from the server, and display the empty message if there is no booking active.

If there is no booking active, the JS file will fill your empty text and purchasing button into the intravert-space DIV. If there is a booking active, the JS file will also wrap that DIV in a custom link, that points to the customers URL, as well as add the custom text message, image or both as shown above.

The new elements get appended to the intravert-space, so if you want to include additional elements (such as an “Ad” banner), you can do so by simply adding them to the DIV.

A note on loading speeds

By default, we are going to ask you to load the JavaScript file asynchronously (as shown by the defer keyword). This means that the JavaScript file will only load after your application has finished loading and therefore not slow your application down.

Depending on your loading time and positioning of the ad, this might mean that some jumping might occur. If that happens, include some custom CSS to set a fixed width and height to the intravert-space container on your site. Optionally, you can remove the defer keyword. This will increase your loading time, but prevent the jumping.

Pre-Shipped CSS

If you are using a style preset, such as the Banner or Sticky Box pre-style, we are also going to load some custom CSS from our servers.

Purchasing & Approval

If your ad isn’t booked, it will show a button leading to a reservation/booking site on our servers. Customers will be able to specify a runtime, URL, text and/or image there and then request your spot.

None of the requests will automatically result in a booking! We will send an email to you and you will be able to review the request through your dashboard. When reviewing the request, think about the following things:

  • Is text and URL correct/working?
  • Does this message relate to my audience?
  • Do I want to potentially drive traffic to this site?
  • Am I okay with the runtime? (there is no way of cancelling / refunding an order right now)
  • Will the layout of the text & image work with my ad spot?

If one of these doesn’t apply, feel free to contact the advertiser directly and ask them to request another booking, before cancelling the first request. In many cases, advertisers will be happy to book once again.

As soon as you approve the booking, the person will get charged the agreed sum and the ad space will go live. As soon as the ad space is live, double-check if your ad space is being displayed correctly.

Your Payout should now appear on Stripe and you should get a bank payout in a week or less.


In this section, we’re listing popular design tricks and stylesheets from us and our users.

  • Sticky Bar

    If you select Full-Width and Sticky Box, the Box will turn into a full-width sticky bar! This is mostly thought for text, so don’t be surprised if an image will look a little odd there.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who will advertise on my site?

    Other than other ad providers, we do not offer an advertisment network, but will serve instantly bookable ad spaces on your site. So all advertisers will come from your own community, and therefore be very targeted at your audience, even without shady tracking techniques.

  • How do the ad spaces look?

    Our ad spaces are engineered to be hyper-customizable. By default, we don’t ship them without any CSS. If you are interested in pre-built designs, check the Space Designs. If you are looking into integrating the spaces with your won designs, check the Integration guide or get in touch with us.

  • How much will I earn?

    Up to you! You can set your own price for up to 12 months of booking. This empowers you to set the price that’s right for you. Showing ad spaces is not something you should do lightly, so setting your own price is important for us.

  • How does the purchasing work?

    See Purchasing & Approval. In short: Advertisers will be able to request your ad space, you will be able to accept and get the payment, or reject. Simple and easy.

  • Can I set up multiple ad spaces on the same page?

    Yes, you can. Just be sure to include both JavaScript files, as they are dynamically generated for each ad space.

  • Anything else?

    Get in touch info@intravert.co